Nostradamus and the 3 Antichrists

Is Mabus real?


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~ by Marianne on August 12, 2012.

6 Responses to “Nostradamus and the 3 Antichrists”

  1. I see nothing in these words of Notredamus, except, of course, ruin. The King of Angoulmois is an interesting reference. A quick search by Google comes up with various theories on this, too many different ones to digest at this time.. So it is anybody’s guess. In the very last days God seems to be letting us go hungry of knowledge. As if saying, now, my children, look only to Me. Look not to sages, for all man’s wisdom is folly. I love you, and I will come when I come. Keep treading water, my children. (This is not a prophetic utterance as I have no prophecies and would consider myself in a dark position if I did try to prophecy). No, this is just a “fictional”
    statement of how I see God’s present relationship to us. May this insecurity soon be swallowed up in the triumph of the Creator.

    • To Mariel. You sound a little despondant because G-D does not seem to be talking to you. I suggest you study more, G-D talks to us through the scriptures. In Danials dream of the statue of gold,silver bronze, clay. A stone hewn without hands, rolls and smites the statue on it feet. A “stone” is the Gospel. “Hewn without hands” G-D’s work, NOT man made. Rev “I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel”
      G-D is talking, calling out to us, but we are not seeking nor listening. We won’t win a gold medal sitting infront of the TV drinking coke. Pray and seek!

  2. Nostradamus was already discredited by the church – he studied the Bible
    and introduced his own thoughts

  3. Nostradamus did not know the name of antichrist, but the Bible gives up ample clues…2 Corinthians 11-4,14 tells us of the angel of light (lucifer indwelling a man) that brings another gospel (koran) that teaches another Jesus, (issa) and another spirit of God (allah)…
    This koran gospel of antichrist is prophecied of in Zech 5-1 and 3… It is the roll or book that goes over the whole earth and is a curse….CURSE is spelled ALAH in this verse in Hebrew…Isaiah 24-6 and chapter prophesy of this CURSE that desolates the earth… CURSE is also spelled ALAH in this verse in Hebrew…and there is more about this alah curse..
    The new testament speaks of names being interpretated many times…It is to show us the interpretation of names is important to understand deeper meanings…

    Our choice is to believe corrupted man or the Word of God…

    Hitler had a visitation from Lucifer and then immediately declared himself messiah of Germany….Clever of satan to do this… It is just another trick to make Hitler look like the antichrist…Satan takes great pains to hide his kingdom of ISlam..Just look at Barack Obama and his actions toward Islam and Christianity if you doubt this…Also did you know it was the MUSLIM SS soldiers who engineered the final solution to murder all jews…

    It is Time to wake up…..

    • The flying roll being Islam is worth looking into, but it prophesies misfortune to the wrong doers; liars and false swearers (thieves), doesn’t say death but “Cut off” This, of course, could mean cast out into hell, or, out of the Book of Life, or whatever. Verse 4 False swearers could also be ministers of false religions, leading people astray? Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc. Read Ezekial chapter 13 .
      Your comments re Hitler. I believe Hitler was a fore runner of the anti christ, as was Mao, Pol Pot, Atta Turk, and others of the same ilk. Barrack, I think the whole of American politics is corrupt, I am gratefull I am not an American because God will cleanse the promised land. My country Australia, re politics, Is even more corrupt. But then again these are the last days arn’t they.

  4. Read 2 John 2-22… The thing that reveals antichrist is his denial that Jesus is Son of God… Mohammed built his synagogue of satan on this lie….
    .Also Matthew 16 ..Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom and then immediately after called Peter satan when Peter denied Jesus would die….. The fact Jesus had just given him the keys should make us understand that there is a deeper meaning to Jesus calling Peter satan…It was to show us Mohammed who denied Jesus death was indeed satan in flesh…And if that does not convince you consider that mohammed himself claimed to be the holy ghost comforter of John 14-16… That is the unforgivable sin… and it positively is lucifer in flesh saying he is god….

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