Surgery note from Marianne

Hi everyone.

I will be having surgery on Thursday, October 18th, and may not be able to respond to anyone for a short while.

As I recover, you will hear from me again.

Thank you.

God bless you.

~ by Marianne on October 17, 2012.

36 Responses to “Surgery note from Marianne”

  1. I will pray for a perfect recovery. Ginger

  2. May our Lord’s perfect will be done. Your are in our family’s prayers.

  3. Hi Maryanne

    Good Luck Hon May JESUS BE WITH YOU


  4. Hi Marianne, I was thinking of you & praying for you & then I just found your post! You are in my prayers for a perfect proceedure & speedy recovery. I also pray for wisdom for the doctors and all involved in your care. May the Lord bless you with peace & healing.


  6. you are in my prayers you’ve are a true sister in Christ

  7. Praying for God to quickly restore you after surgery, and to give the doctors wisdom as the operate. God is blessing you. God is shining upon you. With love in Christ, Cathy


  8. all the best Marianne

  9. Hi Marianne,

    I’m sure all will go according to plan for you, as I suspect that out of the number of people present during your surgery, some you won’t see!!!
    God most certainly will be with you; and so are we!

    Here’s a little dose of “anesthetic” for you…..

    A man walked into the doctor’s surgery with a cucumber in one nostril, 20 strands of spaghetti in the other; a carrot in his left ear and a banana in his right ear, and proceeded to tell the doctor that he feels continually weak and exhausted; to which the doctor replied;..”I’m not surprised…you’re not eating properly!”……… 🙂

    Be blessed, and wish you a speedy recovery!


  10. Best wishes relax n enjoy. Kno that His eye is on the sparrow so even more so you!. A real big God Bless you!!!

  11. Thanks for letting us know. Praying for you for fast recovery. Love, Patty

  12. Hi Marianne Hope you will be ok and I will pray you make full recovery. God bless you. Ray Lyne


  13. Best wishes, Marianne. I will add you to our prayer list! May the God who is the all in all and the great physician expidite your healing! You are such a blessing to so many people.

  14. God help Marianne recover quickly from surgery, and may the surgery be most successful. Mariel

  15. Wow….

    thank you everyone,

    for all these beautiful thoughts and well wishes.

  16. Dearest Father God,

    We leave your child, our sister and dear friend in your majestic and capable hands during her upcoming surgery.
    May You bless her with Your grace and mercy.
    We trust you Father in all things, and we pray this for Marianne in faith that all will go well and that she will have a speedy recovery.
    In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach our Most Holy and Precious Savior. Amen.

    • Amen…hope and pray you heal quickly. I pray for the Holy Spirit to protect and minister to you while you sleep and are awake. In Yahushua Jesus the Christ’s Holy name I ask and pray for His Holy angels to guard your bedside.

  17. God Bless and keep you safe through your surgery Marianne and give you Blessed healing by His hands and Prescence in recovery. In Jesus Precious name we ask and thank HIm for His watching over you and yours.

  18. Best wishes.

  19. May GOD help you and bless you to quickly recover . Amen .

  20. “May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill your purpose…May the Lord fulfill all your petitions…Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed; He will answer (you) from His holy heaven with the saving strength of His right hand” (Psalm 20:4-6), in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  21. I’ll be praying for you, hope everything goes well

    Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 15:45:57 +0000 To:

  22. My Dear Marianne,

    The Great Almighty God will go before you, and perform the surgery himself. Healing and quick recovery is yours in Jesus name. Agnes

  23. Looking forward to your speedy return 🙂

  24. hpe the surgery went well. love never fails

  25. Many blessings and continued health dear sister.

  26. to everyone (again) so far

    again, thank you all for your well wishes….!!

    The first week has been very hard….but it is starting to get easier…some….

    it will be better by the end of the 2nd week….

    and may take up to one month before I am hopping around again…..

  27. I just now seen your notes, Marianne. I Pray to God that everything is going well for you and your family! God Bless You, Marianne.


    Bob Wise

  28. i hope everything went well by name of Jesus Christ. How are you doing now?

  29. Hey Mighty Warrior!!!!
    There are 2 things that i can only find minor media on and I would like your input. First is the Camp Bastion attack. The second is that china visited a small island as a foothold. That one was in an obscure article somewhere between all of the “big” news and I can not find it anymore. You have better sources and wisdom on these things. The Lord is just making me pray over them and I still feel gritty. I do not have enough info to pray effectively. Speedy and full recovery to you!!!!! Hope this has been a time of renewing for you also!!!!!!!

  30. I just now found this. Been praying for you and pray you are healing fast. You are loved and missed. Pray you are resting good and feeling refreshed.
    Love ya, Patty

  31. Hello marianne remember me
    I think you are being punished for whatever youve said especially on prophet muhammad pbuh
    Ive told you that youll regret it.
    However wish you a good recovery and if you wish to reply back or if your fans or disciples wish to answer back
    Feel free guys

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