Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

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~ by Marianne on November 8, 2012.

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    First, It is imperative for me to say to you all that to the LORD JESUS CHRIST be the praise and glory.
    As Jesus Christ’s Anointed prophet I need to set the record straight as JESUS CHRIST commanded me, by reminding all about the following scriptures: Amos 3: 7; Deuteronomy 29:29; Psalm 25:14; Matthew 13:10-11; 1 Corinthians 14 32-33. In other words as Christians you are taught by the Holy Spirit all scriptures, but The Glorious Heavenly Father gives His hidden secrets to all Christians and non Christians alike only through Jesus Christ’s selected few prophets who have proven themselves before Him to have diligently studied all the precepts of the entire holy Bible.
    And for you to qualify as Jesus Christ prophet you must not have been educated by Society or Man’s Educational Systems when it comes to the deep knowledge of the Bible, just like all the prophets in the Bible that were educated by GOD alone. John 6:44-45; Isaiah 54:13. And lastly and most importantly the LORD JESUS alone must have visited you in secret in both vision and dream, and poured His holy oil on your head and pronounced you His prophet. Numbers 12:5-6.
    Therefore when it comes to the interpretation of His word the Bible, the Lord does not recognize any Church, institution, organization, seminary school, or the best man or woman approved biblical scholar, but He only respects what His holy prophets and prophetesses interpret. So please do not waste your time running to and fro the earth for interpretation but rather seek the true ministry of His hidden prophets that are unrecognized by His Church. Hosea 12:10.
    Now for your understanding of what the Lord Jesus is doing with the branches of His Holy Spirit amongs His prophets in our time or generation, please read Luke 1: 17 about John the Baptist. Not that John the Baptist was Elijah the prophet, but rather it was the branch of the Holy Spirit that operated with Elijah that was subjet unto John the Baptist. Elijah was appointed to purify the people of Israel from physical sins, transgression, and idolatry by the physical manifestation of the power of God by raw visible fire from God, but John the Baptist was appointed to purify the people of Isreal via repentance from spiritual sins, trangression, and idolatry in the heart and consience of the people by the spiritual manifestation of the truth in the word of God, so each one may be ready as a chosen vessel prepared for the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Likewise today while the Church in general has been asleep, the Lord Jesus has appeared to His chosen prophets He will use during the coming “Great Tribulation”, to whom He has also subjected the branches of His Holy Spirit thus fulfilling 1 Corinthians 14: 31-32.
    When JESUS CHRIST appeared and visited me, on the day He annointed me in December 2002, He said ” I have found my Servant David”, and He gave me my personal sripture concerning my anointing in the word of GOD, which are psalm 89:20; and also psalm 92:10.
    The Lord judged me and counted me worthy because He gave me the fulness and understanding of His word more than all men in the endtime generation that we are. And if anybody has any doubt I can only encourage you or your Church prayer warriors to ask the LORD JESUS CHRIST about the matter, since every purified believer has a free access to His throne in Heaven.
    The LORD JESUS did not chose me alone, but has chosen many from all over the World. In my personal search through the internet I was able to find a prophet named Jonah whom the LORD JESUS called “NOAH”. In Jonah’s case the Spirit of Noah was subject unto him.
    The LORD JESUS bear me witness that I have introduced myself this way because of great unbelief within the body of Christ, and because of the gross darkness in the hardened hearts of His elect children who are tossed with every wind of ductrine.
    Now regarding the “ARC OF 6 STARS” in the SKY over the PRESIDENTIAL HOUSE # 12 in the House Vision of the Night given to C. ALAN MARTIN, it is needful to inform you that the reason why the STARS were in an ARC formation is because an ARC in prophesy and vision represents the imperfect rise and fall of a Kingdom, a Government, a Nation, or the entire Earth, in contrast with a STRAIGHT PATH, a STRAGHT LINE, or JACOB’S LADDER that goes STRAIGHT UP to HEAVEN. Thus the RAINBOW with FINITE or LIMITED COLOURS of the SKY above the Earth represents judgment due to sin and transgression, but the colourful bow of heaven with INFINITE COLOURS is a PERFECT CIRCLE emanating from round about the LORD’S Throne in HEAVEN.
    If you as one seeking prophetic understanding were able to remember that the USA came out of the ROMAN EMPIRE, and that JESUS CHRIST is not only prophesying about the USA but also the whole ROMAN EMPIRE, then you would be able to have not a whole idea but a 5% idea of the meaning of the 6 STARS, and yet you still would not have known the meaning of the 6 STARS, and also of the 6th STAR that fell.
    But now the LORD JESUS CHRIST has allowed you to know the meaning by the mouth of His anointed prophet.
    Now here is the interpretation of the 6 STARS:
    The 6 STARS are the same 5 KINGS that have fallen, and one is, which is the USA the GREAT WHORE that sitted upon many waters, reigning over the KINGS of the EARTH. Revelation 17:1-10.
    It is very important for you to know that in Revelation 17:10, the 5 KINGS are the the 5 SEATS OF POWER in the entire ROMAN EMPIRE from the time that ROME came to reign over the whole World. And the 5 SEATS of POWER are ROME, CONSTANTINOPLE, ENGLAND, FRANCE, and SPAIN. All the individual human Kings that ruled in the ROMAN EMPIRE up untill the USA came to power attest to the above fact.
    In Revelation 17:1-24, just like a film or recorded video, or movie that was fast forwarded, the LORD JESUS CHRIST was showing John just a clip of the ROMAN EMPIRE in the distant future from JOHN the REVELATOR’s era, about this GREAT WHORE we now know today as the USA.
    And the reason why all the biblical scholars in the World could not understand the meaning of “AND ONE IS” in Revelation 17:10 is because they are oblivious of purpose, time frame, and the subject matter of the vision. And because it is a profound secret of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in seeing who in His Church understands the Vision, therefore He inquired in Revelation 17:9 “And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth.”
    Now you can understand that the “SEVEN MOUNTAINS” are not the “SEVEN HILLS OF ROME” as falsely translated by many biblical Scolars who believed the errors of one unrecognized and unconfirmed Scholar. Rather you should know that the SEVEN HEADS which is the same as the SEVEN MOUNTAINS, are SEVEN KINGS or SEVEN SEATS OF POWER.
    And at the time one of the Angels was showing John the Revelator the Vision, he was being told that “5 ARE FALLEN” meaning the five SEATS of POWER have already reigned and past, but that the subject matter in the Vision i.e USA, was the only MOUNTAIN reigning over the Earth.
    Therefore THE USA is the “ONE IS” in Revelation 17:10; and “THE OTHER IS NOT YET COME is RUSSIA, which “MUST CONTINUE A SHORT SPACE”, as The LORD JESUS CHRIST showed His beloved PROPHET DUMITRU DUDUMAN, and SEVERAL PROPHETS AND PROPHETESSES all over the World.
    In Revelation 17: 11, “AND THE BEAST THAT WAS” is the OLD ROMAN EMPIRE prior to ISLAMIC JIHAD that began in 636 AD, which fell and was eventually unseated from being the WORLD POWER by the MUSLIMS.
    It is a big lie by the Western Historians that the BARBARIANS overthrew the ROMAN EMPIRE.
    According to the PROPHET EZRA in 2ND EZRA CHAPER 15, it was the ARABIAN SERPENTS which is the ISLAMIC MILITARY CAMPAIGN that overthrew the ROMAN EMPIRE from World dominance for about 600 years.
    And in 1345 AD during the reign of KING EDWARD THE THIRD of ENGLAND, and the KING of FRANCE, the ROMAN EMPIRE was revived in virtually all of its branches in WESTERN EUROPE.
    And because of the many wars and violence happening at the same time in WESTERN EUROPE including the 100 YEAR WAR between ENGLAND AND FRANCE, the ISLAMIC DOMINANCE was brought to and end in EUROPE. As a result the EUROPEANS were able to recapture AFRICA from the hands of the MUSLIM FIGHTERS.
    In Revelation 13: 3 “ONE OF HIS HEADS AS IT WERE WOUNDED TO DEATH” is one of the SEVEN HEADS which is equally one of the SEVEN MOUNTAINS in Revelation 17:9, and this head was THE SEAT OF POWER in CONSTANTINOPLE, which led to the FALL of the OLD ROMAN EMPIRE. But though CONSTANTINOPLE was still largely under the control of the ISLAMIC PEOPLE in 1345, nevertheless the ISLAMIC JIHAD had no more rule over the now REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE, thus “HIS” meaning the ROMAN EMPIRE’S DEADLY WOUND was healed, and not CONSTANTINE’S DEADLY WOUND, so you may understand the scripture in Revelation 13: 3.
    The interpretation from our LORD JESUS CHRIST is this:
    After the short reign of RUSSIA which is the SEVENTH HEAD, the WORLD POWER will be given to the BEAST which is the revived ROMAN EMPIRE that we now refer to as the EUROPEAN UNION, and its SEAT OF POWER will be brought back to ROME(THE EUROPEAN UNION) which will be the 8th HEAD or MOUNTAIN, of which ROME was the FIRST SEAT OF POWER, hence JESUS CHRIST is letting us know that ROME which is the 8th is already part of the “SEVEN HEADS” on which AMERICA is sitting on.
    And “GOETH INTO PERDITION” means the EUROPEAN UNION will be brought to an end by force, and judged by JESUS CHRIST, who will thrust all that are guilty into HELL FIRE.
    Now the reason why C. ALAN MARTIN saw the 6th STAR (USA) fell from the sky is because the USA is the only HEAD or MOUNTAIN of the ROMAN EMPIRE that will be no more in existence to fulfil the Words that JESUS CHRIST gave all HIS prophets of the Bible that THE USA will become a DESOLATE WILDERNESS, and that no man, woman or child will live here anymore from the time of its fall.
    As for the rest of the ROMAN EMPIRE (EUROPEAN UNION), THE PROPHET DANIEL in DANIEL 7: 12, lets us know that the rest of the EUROPEAN UNION, their dominion or reign also will be taken away just like THE USA, but first “THEIR LIVES WERE PROLONGED FOR “A SEASON AND TIME” which is interpreted as 3 and 1/2 years from the fall of the USA, according to Daniel 7:25. Therefore the EUROPEAN UNION will reign only for 3 and 1/2 years after the USA is destroyed.
    Daniel 7: 8 the USA is the “LITTLE HORN” that plucked up in 1945 with the ATOMIC BOMBS of Revelation 13:11-13, the 3 HORNS BRITAIN, FRANCE, AND SPAIN, of the FOURTH BEAST (THE ROMAN EMPIRE).
    Also the USA is mentioned in Daniel 7:11; Daniel 7: 20; and Daniel 7:24-25;
    If you have any questions regarding the prophecies and visions in the 66 books of the BIBLE, and also all old testament and new testament apocryphal books please feel free to send me an email or call me on my cell 646-234-4541.
    May The LORD GOD, HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, and The HOLY SPIRIT protect you, and give you all understanding of the scriptures written in the Holy Bible. Amen

  2. why are christian leaving the right doctrine and pursuing wealth and fame

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