You Shall be Rebuilt

Have you been torn down?


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~ by Marianne on November 26, 2012.

One Response to “You Shall be Rebuilt”

  1. the new movie coming out “Zero Dark Thirty” about the hunting down and killing of Bin Ladin, seems to invite a major risk of terror attack , The news was viral about a muslim protest over a youtube movie about Mohammed, and the Benghazi attack was covered up as a protest against a video. and this movie opens nationwide on 12/19/12 It provides a concerted opportunity , without warning in numerous places too vast to warn , if plotted like 911 to all happen at the same time. The case of the strange madman who shot the people at a premier Batman Movie, could have been all a mind controlled test of rigging a much bigger plot. So the idea that Benghazi is propagated as connected to a protest over a movie and this Zero Dark Thirty Movie, opening nationwide on 12/19 , seems to all suggest a virtual perfect time to retaliate for the killing of Bin Ladin, hitting American targets here at home, on a massive scale , as large as or bigger than 911.

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