Booms Heard in America

boom_lines_america.jpgEither they are lined up along major interstate highways, or along a major fault line.


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~ by Marianne on December 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “Booms Heard in America”

  1. I can’t get my responses to print up anymore…what’s the secret?

    Merry Christmas! I have been reading about St. Nicholas. Besides the compassion he showed to hurting people, he went to the council of Nicea with all the Bishops and got so mad at Arius denying the full divinity of Jesus…denying the Trinity (the Arian heresy), HE PUNCHED HIM.. He spent some jail time but was visited by Jesus and Mary who told him they were proud of him and were going to spring him. They did…soon. He is huge in China…Buddhists, seculars, Christians…they love St. Nicholas. His pictures ( an old Christian bishop, skinny with a beard) , are all over China. Cool, huh?

    • lilcowgirl

      that is true. people try to compare santa with nimrod, saying he is a false god. they forget that St nicholas was a real person and a real saint.

  2. If you search the origen of the fat figure in a red suit and a white beard, you will know that the jolly fellow is a figment of the marketing mind of coca cola, sometime in the early 1900’s I think. Christmas has, unfortunatly, been highjacked by commercialism with the spirit of christmas lost. The date chosen for christmas is again a product of the catholic church hi jacking a pagan feast day and substituting a christian holy day in its place. The saviours actual birthday date is lost . An educated estimate would put it sometime in late spring.
    There were pious rich men in history who gave to the poor, Nicholas, Wenceslas, and no doubt many others who were filled with the spirit of Christ, and moved to good works.
    My sister works in China and says the Chinese people love festivals, she finds it amusing that pagen people en mass celebrate the christmas festival with no idea what it stands for.
    I wish everyone a happy christmas, or what ever the politically correct call it these days.

  3. i recently had a very bad experience with a “BIKER CHURCH” in Florida when i needed a church family the most! i saw and heard many things they said and did that was even aginst what they were suppose to belive AND what they were preaching! even that same day! i couldnt belive it! and even worse i tried to convince someone to give them a chance and trust them and it only caused more harm to both of our lives. we also witnessed actual abuse at a church function of mental and phsycal abuse towards a very young man that was hardly in his 20s that was truely aginst the law! this occoured just within minutes of a new assistant pastor arriving to meet the church and they covered it up!! he was NOT informed of the true happenings in the church! it sickened me to see how people needed this church and it was only damaging to thier souls thier lives and thier own personal freedom/choices the” preacher man” had no experience or training and has already lost atleast half the congrigation due to the new church bi laws that he has no right to make only god has that right! BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST THERE ARE THOSE OUT FOR THIER OWN AGENDA EVEN IN A CHURCH
    the “precher man” even tried to convince church members to steal my personal belongings and throw them in the trash so i couldnt have them i had only known then aprox a week and a half ! he also called me where i was living and yelled at me for not being at a church members house when he thought i was going to be there so he could confront me about me not wanting to live at a church members house!!

    they degraded me judged me for things/about things that were not even true and by the way NONE OF THEIR BUISNESS FROM WHAT GOD SAYS!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND KEEP YOU SAFE MAY THE TRUE SHEPPARD LOOK AFTER YOU ALL


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