Batman Map and Disasters

clip_image002.jpgThe Batman movie Dark Knight Rises seems to have predictive clues in it for severe situations, according to some sources, and thinkers.


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~ by Marianne on December 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Batman Map and Disasters”

  1. Why do some people tend to not believe in the illuminati or new world order?! Like some think it is a joke or hoax. And while some conspiracy theories are really plain wacked out, there are some that are hard to ignore though. But if you look at it from the outside, new world order, one world government, there has to be a starting point to let Satan come into service into the world, and what better way to do it than through government yeah?! I don’t trust any of them at all.

  2. Absolutely! And since hollywood is controlled (owned, etc) by the very same people pulling the strings, it isn’t any wonder.
    They (unholywood) have been the ‘mind-controlling’ mouthpiece of the illuminati for many decades.

    As well, this is just one among thousands before it, that have symbolism embedded with a real purpose. If at the very least, it conditions people to see future events as sci-fi fantasies OR even in a suggestive manner can create the response people have much like a hypnotized sleeper is awoken to carry out their brainwashed order.

    That may seem far fetched, but the power of suggestion often has future consequences.
    We also know the illuminati love to hide symbols and markers in everything…street shapes, buildings, poses on magazines, movies….architecture and clothing, etc..

    What they want us to think is going to happen and what God does for His people are likely 2 very different things. Which shows that watching much of the secular programming is probably best avoided.

    …..something this family is currently in transition with. Though not easy, I don’t “need to see” what this movie, show, etc is “trying” to portray.
    Despite my investigative motives, I am now leaning toward that old children’s song:

    “… careful little eyes what you see….the Father up above is looking down in love….”

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