Words to avoid online


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~ by Marianne on June 1, 2013.

4 Responses to “Words to avoid online”

  1. Thanks! The list has so many normal non threatening words, for example, if we communicate with someone about an important weather event, such as a “st–m” or “ts—_i” or how bout being on an athletic, or any other “te-m”…?? Ridiculous!! I am really curious as to how many people, here, on this site, are not going to say any of the words on the list? The DHS must have ALOT of people to monitor all of our conversations….crazy!! I’m wearing my full amor of God & praying for Jesus to return soon.

    I think I did mention to you I had a vision ofJesus standing in the wings, like in a theatre setting, standing just behind the curtain, waiting to make an appearance.. Praise the Lord, He will come soon ..be blessed & peace to all

  2. Marianne,

    The latest news tells me that the Beast see any e-mail, sorts through Facebook, on-line transactions (e-mail cofirmatiion), Skype communciations and is capable of developing profiles on anyone of interest.

    We just need a new currency system and one leader to direct the Beast.

    Psalm 27:1-3

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