Dream – Army Transport Truck


army_truck.pngTruck ready for loading.


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~ by Marianne on June 29, 2013.

4 Responses to “Dream – Army Transport Truck”

  1. Why do you care whether this happens, if heaven awaits? Your only goal should be trying to convince as many other people about your religion as possible before everyone “dies,” sees God, and receives eternal judgement. In fact, other than that, you should be leaping into the arms of death with great eagerness! Yet, have you ever considered that, should you come to identify as being human, then the only thing that could possibly destroy your etenal life as part of an eternal humanity would be the end of humanity? In that case you would do everything you can to save humanity from self-destruction.

    Now weigh in on this for a second: is what you are doing helping or hurting humanity’s chances for survivial?


    You should have concluded that it is hurting humanity’s chances for survival. I hope this gives you some kind of a clue as to why you might get some flak for what you say. In fact, what if humanity does not want to see you injured? Then you would be fighting humanity and your own self-interest at that same time. Given what you believe about eternal life, you should want to take any risk possible to live longer and proselytize to more people. Going in willingly with the emergency police has a potential outcome where you are simply forced to cooperative with initiatives designed to save humanity. In that case, you would live a lot longer than if the world is coming to an end, and you would be able to save more souls. It’s a worthwhile risk because even if the emergency police kill you, then you get to go to Heaven for eternity!

    • EthnicKonflict

      I help humanity by teaching them about god, what he wants, how to repent of our sins, and become acceptable to him, and about the salvation offered by jesus through his death on the cross.

      Jesus died for us, he took our punishment for our sins, so that we can go to heaven…..

      I counsel people, help the poor, and help the disabled. I tell everyone who will listen that God loves them. I am part of humanity, and do not want to see people perish….

      .I want to see them all go to heaven and live with joy forever….

      .I take many risks…having this site is one of them….I trust the Lord to protect me from any harm, and I pray the same thing for you.

      this world is in danger, and I see it….my job is to warn people about the danger, and tell them to give their hearts to god.

    • Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship with G-d. Religions are what man thinks he needs to do to go to Heaven. Like if a person is good, or if a warrior for the god of the Kaaba murders enough infidels, and Jews.

      There is no way to know if Marianne is helping, or hurting humanity. Only the G-d of Noah knows. It’s my guess, Marianne is receiving dreams that are ordained by G-d the Father because the end is soon. The Holy Spirit is directing her, and affecting millions of people. Her reward in Heaven will be great.

      Condo, ocean view, with wet bar I suspect.

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