Dream about Military Pick ups – Dream 5


martial_law_pickups.jpgMilitary and Police in my neighborhood.


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~ by Marianne on July 4, 2013.

3 Responses to “Dream about Military Pick ups – Dream 5”

  1. there is little doubt the hour is near when the dead in christ shall hear that trumpet


  2. Oh! They’re here alright

  3. I received a Vague Message that I have NOT definitely discerned yet- but it was about staying indoors because TROOPS had reached the Border of MA & that they were going to enter the City- NOT dressed as Soldiers or police- but would come & kill-round us up???? BUT that the LORDS’ Troops were going to defeat them- I have NO PROOF-but it was a bit Vague- but may be TRUE?
    There has been a Heavy Presence of Police hiding everywhere-& I sdon’t think I am paranoid- that I saw them Hide where I normally take my Route to Library etc-I changed my Route & so did they??????

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