August 2013 – Recent Stats


For those who want to know what I do all day.

August 6 2013 stats recent


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~ by Marianne on August 6, 2013.

52 Responses to “August 2013 – Recent Stats”

  1. Haven’t been in your site for some time but, wanted to say “Thank-You” for your time to help others with The Lord. God Bless you for your giving Heart. This is what True Christians do in this world! **Hug**

  2. Marianne,

    Thank you for sharing this but it truly is not anyone’s business what you do all day.

    It takes me forever to write emails and I can’t imagine taking care of this web site.

    What any of us do its for God and what man thinks should not matter at all. Jesus had to move on as He wiped the dust off His feet because of unbelief so of course your going to deal with persecution serving Jesus period.

    Keep trusting Him and loving Him and never stop what your doing by getting the word out.

    I might not look at every single thing the same way but I love you and I pray for you and we are going in the same direction towards Jesus.

    You study more and get deep and its interesting at times but always I feel your heart is for our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Our praise to Him will dictate the outcome of everything. He loves our praise. Your web site is a form of praise to Him!!

    I pray God continues to bless you.


    God is blessing you. God is shining upon you.

  3. Wow. I thought you must be busy. And, no, as Cathy says, it may not be any of our business, but I do appreciate the perspective. Thank you for sharing. And, just when I was going to offer a donation … what a breath of fresh air when many times every other word between Jesus is money, prosperity and tithing, money, money, gimme gimme. I will take what I would have offered and give it to my community here. There’s a senior center that is struggling getting its meals out to home bound seniors. The senior center is the closest thing I have found to a church – where people are all about serving something other than themselves. God bless.

    Denise / Northern California

  4. Mariann, I admire you for your dedication to the Lord. I have seen what you do for years now, and you have had to deal with some rude people , and you always stay loving and nice. I know you do it because you love people and also the Lord. Keep up the good work, I am sure this site has changed many lifes. I appreciate it.

  5. Amen. Can I join you? I want to start my ministry, but don’t know how to go about it. I feel God has a call on my life but I have no mentor ECT…

    Sent from my iPhone

    • hi demetria.

      If you want a website ministry, you can use wordpress, which is what I use. They give you a choice of templates to use for your page. Then you just start writing.

      If you want something else, for your local area, you may need to partner with those who would be willing to help you get started. Or just join in and help someone else who you think really represents the Lord in this world. stay away from profiteers.

      To have a ministry, you either have to
      have a specific message from the Lord, or something you need to say
      be willing to work under others in ministry
      have something specific you want to do (example – dig water wells in africa. or feed the poor)
      be alone a lot
      be with others a lot
      willing to be paid or not paid.

      as for joining me, at least physically, I am on the other side of the USA from you. 🙂

      But you can subscribe to the site, follow all the comments, and see where you can contribute information for others writing in or praying for those who need prayer, or helping with a discussion.

      If there was a specific topic you wanted to write on, first search the site (search box) and see if it is already written about. if not, then you can submit something to me and I will look it over.

  6. Nice!!! awesome, marianne… I don’t work for money either but don’t really care.. good 4 u!!! 🙂

  7. Thank you, Marianne! You are very special. God bless you!


  8. You are awesome! Thank you so much for your site.

  9. WOW,I am really impressed…..I feel almost worthless in comparison…The Lord must really proud of you…Glad we are on the same side…

  10. Thank you very much for your sacrifice to enlighten those of us who have questions. Can you please add me to your prayer list, that I am able to break any and all (fleshly) bondage I am struggling with, and keep my focus on Jesus, so that I can become the person He created me to be. Thanks.

  11. Amen so wonderful to know , you are blessed and highly favoured by God.

    Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2013 15:54:10 +0000 To:

  12. Thanks Marianne for the great Service you are doing for our Lord, and for His People, and those who are curious!!



  13. Amen! Amen! The Lord is your strength!

  14. Praise the Lord for people like you M, you are a blessing and from your site we all learn or can forward our understanding of Scripture and be corrected or agreed with. God bless you and your ministry. We will all gather around you and Jesus in heaven and the discussion will never end. God will reward you bountifully in heaven.

  15. Thanks Marianne, we have been so blessed by your website.

  16. Marianne – As I read your rant… and it is a rant, I was disturbed. I see Satan manipulating your pride by attacking your emotions. Do you not realize the meaning of when Yahshua said ” many will come and say ” I did thus and thus, and cast out demons, and did thus and thus more; and then Yahshua replied “go away for I never knew you…” The words of Yahshua tell us to do our good works in silence because our father knows every tear that comes from our eyes and numbers the hairs upon our heads. Yahshua says, to be as quite as a dove and prudent like the snake. Apostle Paul said ” do make yourself as trumpet in your good works.

    Please listen to me, the words I share hear are for the glory of Yahshua and to strengthen you. Therefore I praised and worshiped Yahshua this morning and held your message before him. He said share this word with you and to say to you, that he says, Thank you, and, he will show you this word is true by your faith: Galatians 2:20

    Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

    20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

    On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 8:54 AM, Heaven Awaits

    • You think Marianne’s sharing some stats that she was asked about was a rant … hmmmmm – read your own post, you are doing the exact thing, right here, that you protest.

  17. that should be, “quiet” oops sorry for the misspell – Yahshua says to me, be patient, Mario, and you won’t make errors… 😉

    • sorry you think it is a rant.

      I had been asked what motivated me to do this website, and did I do things that made me feel “better”..

      So i answered them….

      the results above are the result of many coming to this site and contributing.

      I could not have done it myself…..and so I am grateful for all those who made comments and helped others on this this.

      my job was to just keep this going.

  18. Hi Marianne,

    You are doing a wonderful thing for our Lord!

    I do not know how you do it. Six million hits! Wow! I also have a not-for-profit web site for our Lord, I have been on the internet since 1997. I even pay to advertise it. I am only up to about 80,000 hits in sixteen years. Which I am happy with. Your six million, wow, my hat is off to you. This is really something.

    • hi steven

      I cannot explain the difference in hits for the 2 different websites. It could be that wordpress is big enough that it pulls in more viewers. I am blessed to have found it. also, you are paying for a site, when wordpress does not cost anything. you could transfer your site content to wordpress, for free, and put a link between the two sites, to forward viewers to the new site, or back to the old one. just a thought.

    • Looks like Steven managed a plug in here for his website, if not he would have left the url out-we call that spam where I come from.

    • Sorry, it’s my internet background-people would give a good statement and use their url to get people to go to their site or buy their product, they termed that as “spam”.

    • Wow Steven, interesting…

      “The Blessed Mother of Fatima has announced the near future Enthronement of her son, Jesus Christ, as King and Ruler of the world (message released in the year 2000). Presently, morning star, Satan, described as a serpent, stands proudly as God’s authorized ruler over Israel and the world. Because of the tremendous sins of Israel, and the world, God abandon the world to Satan’s rule in 587 B.C. ”

      That’s different…

      • Doesn’t sound like my Bible translation.

      • Hello Saito,

        The Book of Revelation and all Old Testament apocalyptic scripture is all about one thing, and that is Jesus taking over as King and Ruler of the world. Messianic Reign is where Christ’s faithful want to be.

        Deciphering apocalyptic scriptures is where shines. Scripture uses the tern/image known as ‘Satan’ to represent man’s evil human pride on earth. God was King over Israel from the Exodus till 587 B.C. when God handed Israel over to be ruled by man’s evil pride in secular power, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, because of Israel’s great multitude of sins. Nebuchadnezzar was like Adolph Hitler. We, God’s people, are still in exile from the Promised Land with ‘Satan’, man’s evil pride in secular power, ruling over us. I invite you to visit my: Fallen Angel, Morning Star, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. It is one of my heavy hitters.

        Satan is defeated at our near future Battle of Armageddon. Jesus takes over as King and Ruler of the world. With Jesus, a descendant of King David, ruling the world, Israel is restored and God’s Holy City of Zion is born. Christ’s Church will metamorphosis into ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ of Zion. Jesus will wipe away Zion’s every tear.

        NAB2 REV 11:15

        Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet. There were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdom of the world now belongs to our Lord and to his Anointed, and he will reign forever and ever.” The twenty-four elders who sat on their thrones before God prostrated themselves and worshiped God and said: “We give thanks to you, Lord God almighty, who are and who were. For you have assumed your great power and have established your reign.

        • yeh, but-who on earth or in heaven is “Fatima?” I think you have things so squirreled around here that the main point of salvation is lost to everyone that goes to your site. I also think that you are trying to draft on heavenawaits for stats. Anyway, just my opinion.

          • Fatima is a location in Portugal.

            people here have a right to freely express themselves, right or wrong.

            as long as they do not hurt others.

            so you will see things you will agree with, and comments you do not agree with.

            debate is ok, as long as it is polite.

        • Acts 8:9-24

  19. Marianne, I came across a video on youtube called “The preachers of L.A” would love you to write about it.

  20. Marianne,

    You hit the issue with a 2×4 across the back poket wallet.

    “The early apostles did not take a salary. They all worked for a living, and everyone shared what they had, in a fashion similar to a commune, or the modern day kibbutz. Peter would tell people he prayed for that “sliver and gold I have none”, indicating he did not have any constant flow of cash coming into his purse. St Paul did not take a salary either, because he did not want to be indebted to anyone. He worked for a living as a tent maker.

    Early followers did not pay tithes to the apostles, because the tithe was for the poor, not the leadership, but gave occasional free will offerings when there was a need. Even modern day Jewish teachings indicate that the tithe is not for the synagogue, but for the poor.

    Modern pastors need to get a personal source of income, and stop twisting the old testament to get this money which does not belong to them. When God said the tithe belonged to Him in Malachi 3:10, he was talking to the priests, not the sheep, who kept the money for themselves. That is what is happening now in the church.

    The sheep need to get smart. They are ministers too. The church was originally intended to make all believers leaders in advancing the gospel. But over time, there was has been a hierarchy established, where only a few are allowed to be qualified as shepherds, and the rest are just sheep forever” (Marianne, “Tithing for Jews and Christians”).

    When the economic shift occurs (market crash followed by rapid inflation, then redistribution of savings/401k wealth), those mega churches will be hit hard as well as churches with large debts – building programs etc. I think churches will be closed down within a short time – one way or another. Paid staff will be relying not on a paycheck from tithes but from offerings and gifts.

    There is a mega church in the area that prints it financial need within each and every Sunday bulletin. It was not a line or two. It is about 1/3 of the page in big print, dominating the materials read before worship begins (guilt?). It’s okay, they’re Baptists.

    Oh, they have an indoor gym/basketball court (better than most Jr High Schools in the county). There is leather furniture in the lobby with the coffee cafe too. High end production sound/lights for the stage. They just built a reflecting pond out back, which you see through the very large windows in the lobby. Of course with a staff of over 10, the Senior Pastor is paid on the scale of an executive. Why not? It’s a multi-million dollar non-for-profit business. He is a great recuiter of members too.

    Are people coming to receive Christ as their Massiah? Yes. Baptism services? Yes. Outreach to community? Yes. But these lavish non-for-profit business arrangements and furnishings don’t suite me.

    I just want Jesus and the Holy Spirit, worshiping Almighty God with singing, reading the Word and serious prayer time. These are available alone or when 2 or more are gathered in His name.

    Psalm 100

    • DJ,
      Awesome. They pad their nests at the peoples expense here and only allow those to rise who they think will not be competition. Money, wealth and power, ambition, they make the alter call and people are cajolled into raising their gands without counting the costs or knowing the true meaning of salvation. Many leave and the music and drama wear off, and they are only an added number to show home office results.. But i feel like im like a broken record and that my words are like an echo in a hallway, those who know the truth know it-those that live a lie are set in their ways. This is why i ask the important question When? You see it in motion throughout the Word, suffering until the judgements, but will we suffer as well? Its been a long watch.

      • Of opulance, i could show far more. Now they either have money, and can participate or dont have and cannot. We tried one church that gave their kids access to their boats, trucks and house boats for a week with the condition that they clean them when they got back, several kids including my son (who did not go on the trip but felt obligated since he was there at the time) washed these vehicles while maybe 20 others stood around and talked and watched them clean-it was beneath them to help.

    • One church has a starbucks inside the main lobby, the other a wonderful cafe. The summer sunday school camp costs $100 per week for children, $400 per week for teens- three weeks total per kid. Thats $1200 for 3 weeks. They claim over 4000 kids participate every year.

  21. Hi Marianna. I have been reading your posts. Ineed too talk to ssomeone. Csn you csll me at 662 379 3769. Thanks.

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