Targets for Terror


target.pngIf someone wanted to destroy civilization, where would they strike?


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~ by Marianne on August 12, 2013.

4 Responses to “Targets for Terror”

  1. Man or Satan? Too many people to focus this (7b). You would have to make them infertile, all else is genocide/murder. Genetically alter whats left.

  2. It’s not really where to strike, it’s whom.

  3. I also have been discerning something-like a Spiritual Principality of the FALSE CHURCH & FALSE MESSIAH- a Counterfeit Yahshua- of False Church Doctrine & Idolatry?
    Part of the CHURCH is of BABYLON?
    I keep getting a MESSAGE that the Fraudulent Official is APPROACHING???? a Son of a King? I’m NOT sure what that means yet?
    We are NOT supposed to be showing IMAGES of Yahshua or people- it’s FORBIDDEN in the TORAH MITZVOT?

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