Count Them as Rubbish


rubbish_works.jpgWhat are we working for in life?


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~ by Marianne on August 22, 2013.

One Response to “Count Them as Rubbish”

  1. Ive asked myself the same question. We live in an area where, before the recession, it was considered recreation to go out every weekend and buy “stuff”. There was nothing else local to do. Recession hits and even that was taken away.

    Too many people (2.5m) and less than favorable conditions made going places to have fun seem like a chore and who wants to look out for the bad people all the time while with your wife and kids and call that fun?

    Lately I remember times when we only had a tv set and radio. The tv got only 12 channels and mom would let us watch a couple of shows and then kick us out if the house to play.

    Today kids need extreme everything to be occupied, gaming platforms, computers, smartphones, tablets, apps to go with them. We have four kids and one feels bad or neglected if they dont have the same as the others, why? Because the gaming companies made it so each kid has to have their own profiles gadging their personal progress, so they cant share the same game because this is hard-recorded in their systems-they did this as a marketing ploy.

    Our lives are CONSUMED with and by the net, especially if your job is related to it. In retrospect i remember news paper routes (im not that old am i? ha) picking strawberries for extra money and getting paid for doing lawns and walking dogs (girls would babysit while dad and mom saw a movie or took a break out.. In scouts we fundraised by selling light bulbs door-to-door, and i also sold Christmas cards.

    The above things were quality of living, canning strawberries with mom, cutting and freezing corn with my inlaws, having good family get togethers-we looked forward to these events. I miss these things but slso see we were “scattered,” like the christian Jews, sent out into the world away from what was comfortable.

    Where are these items in the mix of things? I believe that my kids get to show their lives while communicating to other kids on the web. My wife shines as a silent light at work, other christians there profess their faith loudly as they take advantage of “widows and orphans” if you will. I only talk to people about the L-rd now if they bring it up. We all know in our area that the “fish” symbol on the back of cars (at least in this heavily liberal area) means to be careful about that persons type or brand of christianity-they will get you if you are kind and trusting. (Not meaning everyone with a fish symbol is that way, but most ive encountered are). Those loudly proclaiming Jesus usually dont have the best intentions, and i have been ripped off by several pastors-they seem to feel above the law in this regard.

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