ISON – The Comet


comet_ison.jpgWill prophecy, history, legends and science be accurate in predicting a natural disaster caused by a comet’s passing debris field?


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~ by Marianne on October 5, 2013.

10 Responses to “ISON – The Comet”

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  2. The ISON issue now has my full attention

    It’s apparent that comet ISON is real, and has just past Mars orbit Oct 1-2, 2013. I don’t like what I’m reading about ISON.

    ISON might yet be used for a false flag, but to be sure, ISON is real and it’s threat as a comet is real.

    The likeliest probability is that it will be destroyed by the sun, but maybe not without a CME

    It’s reported trajectory indicates ominous inbound and outbound possibilities pertaining to Mars, Earth and Venus proximity and subsequent possible serious gravitational effects of it, and/or accompanying space junk.

    ISON would explain D.U.M.B.S., Rex 84, FEMA coffins nation wide, 3 day survival back packs delivered to school children, military movements and emergency drills, massive gov’t ammo purchases, etc. These things and others might also signal a nation or even global coup de etat’.

    It’s known that Earth will pass through ISON’s tail for 7 days.

    In 2009 we had no celestial noisy “fireball” meteors. Since 2010 and through now, over 500 have been confirmed. It may get worse. Far worse.

    Further, there is evidence of other gravitational forces at work because our moon is out of phase. Additionally, other planets in our solar system are experiencing atypical orbital perturbations.

    Months ago NASA told their people in an email commerial to prepare for emergencies.

    In one 1o day period in 2012, our sun was hit by 25 comets. That’s unheard of!

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  5. most likely a dud or minor alarm


  6. We know that the blood moons start in the spring of 2014 (spring feast). 3.5 years later is the fall of 2017 (fall feast). Something to watch closely.


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