Human Interjects and Astral Projection


astral_projection.jpgAstral projection is dangerous, both for the soul, and where /who it ends up in.


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~ by Marianne on January 20, 2014.

4 Responses to “Human Interjects and Astral Projection”

  1. this stuff is just crazy – extremist catastrophising awfulising thinking. every post gets more and more extreme – and having gone through a terrible bereavement I am going to unsubscribe as of NOW,

    you want to be with God in Heaven ? Live for Him NOW, and leave the extremist unstable thinking at the door.

    Good God, this is just mentally unwell.


  2. It is very true dat Jesus is coming

  3. Hello Marianne! It’s nice reading from you. It’s a Government program that select some individuals for targeting;human experiments,mind control,etc but they do it secretly to who they choose.Some people catch them like I did and some don’t since it is invisible. Technology/spiritual Power are at the core. They blackmail their victim first before exploiting him/her so as to lie that their reason for following the person is just to watch him/her. One is slowly murdered and offered to spiritual citizens to use for sex,mental support,experiments,and “soup” unfortunately. They manipulate my mental process,emotions,control my mind negatively,hurt,plan evil against. Most of the negative things they manipulate are,of course,sinful. The only good thing about it is that they are not real and not from my own natural mind which mean that it cannot implicate me before God. It is forced by the perpetrators and I think that it is their problem with God faking the mental things,fake negative feelings,etc. However,the fake stuff they do may also influence me. For example,resisting the manipulation pushing me to women at times is tough and I become lustful. I know one can also meet attractive women and if care isn’t taken,one can also be lustful but the people targeting and controlling me against my will manipulate my mental process,emotions,and control my mind. I know their group very well and tell them each minute of the day that they do this evil to me even though I can’t see them physically. Just being human,I may also fall into temptation of doing little funny things few times but I usually pray ,ask for God’s forgiveness. I am a young man in my 20s really struggling with skepticism due to lack of any help coming my way to solve this problem. No matter what anyone may falsely accused me of, I am sure that I am someone with genuinely good intentions and hate evil. This is not because of religion or impressing any one. Goodness is my nature even if I might not be100% pure. I don’t brag about it but it is the reality. It is a reputation I live up to,no matter what people believe,do,think or say.

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