Object near Sun


space_object.pngDoes anyone really know what this is?


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~ by Marianne on January 20, 2014.

3 Responses to “Object near Sun”

  1. Two days ago lightening show in Rio De Janeiro struck the thumb of the Jesus statue.

  2. I have been listening to BPEarthwatch rather consistently. The guest on the vid you linked sounds like he knows what it is. Because it can only be seen by infrared, the people who have the infrared telescopes are the ones who can make a better guess as to how far away it is. But I have not heard any of the telescope owners saying they were certain how far away it is.
    One guess is that it is a dark star. That would be a incipient “star” that didn’t get big enough to ignite. But it is, as BP’s guest said, a ball of “magnetism”. It will interact with any other objects which may be close to it, in a magnetic manner. Comet Elenin is said to have interacted with Mars when it passed close to it, as another example of magnetic interaction.
    There are rumors, which you have probably read, that entities are involved in propelling this ball. One report even said the entities ARE the ball, they take that form. This version of the story about the ball would say that these entities came from another dimension.

  3. PS. I am just reporting what I heard. Like you, Marianne, I await further knowledge, if it becomes known.

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