Grid Failure – Would you be ready?


USA_ELECTRIC_GRIDS.pngWhen will it finally happen?


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~ by Marianne on January 21, 2014.

14 Responses to “Grid Failure – Would you be ready?”

  1. It is hard to get water stored. I will not be ready for a long grid failure. I know that water if pumped by electricity, so I will not be ready. There is no way to get ready for me. I cannot store barrels of water with chlorine in them, not strong enough to do that. Others who are not strong enough would perish if we are not aided by God. Water stored in ordinary bottles will go stale within months.
    I am not planning on killing anyone with a gun. Some will be going to Heaven sooner than others? Unless God chooses otherwise.

    • mariel

      I think this message is for those who CAN prepare….at least physically.

      I believe God will send someone your way to assist you, in case of emergency.

      maybe have some cases of individual bottles of water around, a case is much lighter than a barrel..and if the case is too heavy, just break it open and remove bottles , a few at a time

      or just fill up some clean containers, and replace the water occasionally.

      that is better than nothing, and you will have a head start.

      God promises to provide for the righteous during times of famine….so don’t worry….you will be ok.

    • Relax.

      Clean your bathtub. If a problem happens fill up the tub. G-d said there will be seasons until the end. Water is mostly moved by pressure. That is why you see water towers.

      Now, square away your cupboard, and get just the meals ready to eat, not the whole container. Meals cost about 2-3 bucks each, and last about ten years. Depending on where you live, get some fishing gear ready, and put some polish on those boots.

      Read your Bible. Stay calm. OK? What kind of BDU’s do you have? Where is you candle, and flash light?

      Your more ready than you know.

  2. The hot water tank has water in it. There is a spigot near the floor where it can be drained out a little bit at a time. If you have a roof with a bucket to catch the rain water, you have tons and tons of water. You can purify a gallon of water with a couple drops of bleach. Boil it, add bleach, it’s fine… unless there is radiation in the clouds. Iodine or betadine is an anecdote for radiation sickness. Iodine tablets protect the thyroid, and betadine can do the same thing if you rub it on your neck. Both are cheap.
    To get police reports get a hand crank radio. Batteries will not necessarily work after an emp.
    I have been keeping my chickens alive in 40 below wind chill by keeping them in a 2×4 box with two strings of rope lights, and lots of blankets for insulation. If you make your living area small, it is easy to keep it warm. For heat get several lighters and candles. You can punch holes in a coffee can and put it over the candle to multiply the heat.
    The problem is no matter how prepared you are, there are those who are not prepared and will go steal whatever they need. Have extra on hand, it may be an opportunity.
    And obviously, pray.
    I don’t know that anything will happen. God may intervene and all this would just be unnecessary, but might as well do a little thinking about it ahead of time.

  3. I read that those water bottles you get at the store with the thicker plastic can last quite a while-unlike the cheaper water bottles. So anyone could buy those.

  4. I’m so sick and tired of the car accidents caused by cell phones, I pads, Q pads, Z pads, blackberries, cherries, banana’s , smart phones, dumb phones, smarter than smart phones, dumber than dumb phones, etc, that I say, the sooner we lose the grid, the better.!! I want to see all the jack asses live without an electronic satanic toy welded to their ear. Oh Jesus, PLEASE let it happen TODAY, I beg of you.

    • not enjoying it….

      right now, I am having trouble with my network adapter….sigh

    • James, I agree….I HATE those cell phones, I pads etc as well. Hate em! I’d love to see all those towers malfunction and just not work, period….funny how we used to survive without them…can you imagine? Someone loses their beloved cell phone, and you woulda thought they lost a loved one….people are addicted to those objects…ridiculous!

      No more cell phones would be a really good thing IMO

      • Might be fun until you needed to talk to someone.
        Our electric went out for a day when someone hit a pole. By the time the afternoon came I thought I was gonna die with no TV, no phone, and no internet. Sooooo boooooring.
        It surprises me how many young people think that the government and the whole country going black would be a good thing. Is it because work and school is just too depressing? They’d rather live like a caveman? That joy would last until about the time when they had to actually walk to get somewhere. Come to think of it, we might all lose some weight.

        • I am just appalled at how UNPREPARED American Christians are, for possible grid failure…among other things. I see kids and young adults addicted to their techy gadgets; what will they do when disaster, or Big Gov, pulls the plug?? Over the past three decades, I’ve seen working w/ one’s hands become almost extinct; many people have “0” hobbies, let alone know how to do or make anything themselves. They will be helpless when their ‘e-entertainment’ goes away. It sure will be a great opportunity for the Church…may WE be prepared to meet their practical needs, as we minister to their souls….

  5. I think we will soon have a world without electricity, where we live naturally. I want suggestions with stuff that is good to have before this world takes over. As the fire steel, water filters, etc.
    Grateful for answers!

  6. I agree we need a check list of things we should have on hand and so fourth

  7. I found an amazing Christian ‘prepping’ site w/ all kinds of great info, even solid biblical teachings on ‘ why to’: The Prepared Christian (either “org” or “com” – forget which). Chris Ray and his wife do a great job, without being “gloom and doom”. …good stuff, check it out!

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