Ongoing Comment Section Missing


flower.jpgI have had an ongoing comment section on the main page, which for some unknown technical reason, does not show up.

It was on the right hand column, about half way down, near the map.

I checked and it is NOT disabled.

I will continue to work on this, but if you want to be informed of recent comments, then subscribe to the website itself, and you will get emails in your mail box.

You can then pick and choose any you want to reply to. Thanks for your patience.


~ by Marianne on March 11, 2014.

30 Responses to “Ongoing Comment Section Missing”

  1. marianne; all i see on this page is your message about ongoing comment. below it is related; heaven awaits chat/ surgery note/ hurricane note. nothing else.

    • the right hand column used to have “recent comments” up to 15….listed….now it is not displayed

      • not anymore. can someone flag your comments?

        • flag?

          • on most websites, if someone thinks your comment is offensive, or they simply do not like it there is ususally a place on the site to (flag it) which means the comment will be removed. i do not remember seeing this on heaven awaits though.

            • my site is not set up that way. If someone is offensive, I write to them and give them an opportunity to stop. if I don’t I delete them. if the initial comment has bad words, I will edit it…..

              • i would say the only other possibility is someone other then you that could edit it. but i have no idea if there is such a person. no offense is intended in this remark. there are only so many posibilities for an event to happen and if you remove 1 of 4 possibilities then you continue untill there is only one left.

                • sometimes people use cuss words the first time around, but the comment is not too bad, so I edit out the cuss words….then i give a warning that they have to be less offensive.

                  that is the only editing.

                  you will see an occasional nasty remark on my site, and then you will see a reply from me…behind the scenes I am telling them if they continue to be nasty, I will delete them.

  2. Thanks Marianne, will do.


    Please save trees: only print this email where absolutely necessary

  3. On mark 5 miracle, its not a parable so I don’t think its prophetic. A parable doesn’t assign names to people, the girl has a name so its just another miracle. 😉 just my opinion !! Why do people combine or overlap the two 42 month periods of two witnesses and blasphemer in rev 11 and 13 ? I can’t figure that out ? Thx

    • what do you mean by; combine and overlap? the two witnesses are present during the same time as the beast in chapter 13.

      • That’s exactly what I’m asking, 42 months in ch 11, 42 months in ch 13, where does it say its the same 42 months ?? I know many preach it, but I want the verse that proves it, cuz it looks like seven years to me 😉 thx

        • when the antichrist takes power there will be 3 1/2 years of what seems to be peace and miracles etc. then the last 3 1/2 years will be not good for those left here, to say the least. there is no exact verse. you half to trust in the holy spirit that guides you through the scriptures. it is wisdom from god that allows us to understand his word. revelations most of all is past,present and future, it is not in sequence. that is why you must use wisdom to understand it. it’s like looking in the bible and trying to find where it specificly states ; do not use crack cocaine. your not going to find that, never the less other scriptures will tell you not to use something that will cause you to loose the ability to reason and judge correctly.

          • That’s what I mean !! It is in perfect sequence, that’s where people loose perspective, it says 42 months, then the signs in heaven ch 12, then the great trib 42 months. That is the seven years spoken of in daniel, scripture interperets scripture, if their is not a verse thatsays they run concurrent, they don’t, its that simple, thx and the seals, trumpets and viles don’t run concurrent either, you have to open the seventh to get the next seven, everything in sequence 😉

            • i think we are on the same page here. but also when it talks about ;”and there was war in heaven……” if you go to the next chapter it is no longer talking about the war that took place before mandkind was even created by god. that is why revelations skips back and forth through ; future,present, past, the 42 months in the two chapters shows that these two events are from our future that has not happened yet. are you having problems with people saying to you; show me where these things are talking about the same time? most christians do not study and study and study the entire bible over and over and over again . if they would they would find answers to a question in the new testiment for something in the old. and vise-versa. i beleive you know exactly what i am saying. a simple one is in genesis; people hear; two of each creature went into the ark. they do not read a few chapters farther and find out it really is; two of the unclean and seven of the clean each went on the ark. why is it like that? i beleive that god had it written down exactly like that so when people hear from a preacher or teacher that two of each went into the ark, then the person goes and studies the scriptures and finds where it states two and seven. god does this to place into the minds of those who read his word to study,and study so you are sure what you tell people and can back it up.

              • Ill reply more later but yes I agree with you and I actually spend more rime in the old t 😉 thx

              • John, I believe rev 12 war is the same as daniel 12 war, its a midtrib future event, just had this conversation with mt dad. Read job, first two chapters, satan is allowed in heaven, and this future battle will be his permanent ejection. Also in rev somewhere satan pleads for humanities destruction day and night, to show that he is still allowed in heaven. Hope that helps 😉 God bless

                • i have never seen any scripture in revelations that lucifer pleads for anything such as humanaties destruction period. what exact scripture in revelations leads you to this reference? i am aware of the verses in job you are speaking of. it also speaks abuot lucifer in isaiah, which references him their to lucifer sun of the morning see how thou has fallen. but nothing about lucifer pleading to god or christ about anything. other then telling god to allow him to harm job in any way, etc. and god replies ; all he has is in your hands but his life ye shall not take. this god did because he already knew that job would not curse god.

                  • Accuser, rev 12 v 10, accused us before the father day and night. Satan still has access to heaven and has not been cast out permantly yet. Also, no reference ti satans angels being cast out with him originally, luke 10 v 18. Also, the original fallwn angels that did the genesis six thing, are locked up, jude 6. So satans angels according to scripture haven’t been cast out yet. This will happen when the abomination of desolation happens mid trib. I’m having fun now 😉

                    • i cannot accept that you think that the war in heaven has not taken place long before man was createated. there are too many verses throughout the bible that refur to lucifer and 1/3 of the angles being cast unto the earth. look in the very scriptures you spoke about in job. god asked lucifer where he had come from. there cannot be evil in heaven, god will not allow a human soul to enter into his rest unless they are saved, either by grace which came after christ’s death, or before with works and sacrifices, which are no longer in effect because of grace. i have nothing against talking about scriptures as long as you use the guidence of the holy spirit and do not lean upon your own understanding. i learned that the hard way 30 years ago. the final battle you are refuring to is on this earth when god destroyes the devil with the brightness of his comming. armigettion.

                    • Show me the scripture, don’t make assumptions, God doesn’t make mistakes 😉

                    • that’s right, GOD does not make mistakes. i am not going to continue a conversation that has no usefull purpose, if you wish to beleive lucifer is still in heaven with god almighty that is your choice. no more input from me on this subject. there is no wisdom in it.

                    • Anger is the standard response to that reality. Two scriptures prove satan has access to Heaven, and you deny it !! We are searching for Gods truth and wisdom, don’t be angry, scripture is Gods truth 😉 peace brother !!

                    • you guys do not agree, so drop it and think about something else

                    • 😉

  4. Thankfulness to my father who informed me on the topic
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  5. Marianne, I’m looking for an article that you had that mentioned how being in a relationship with a Jezebel type can leave you financially devastated. I’m wondering how that happens and how to counteract it? Thanks.


    • joanna

      The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. and that is what jezebel does.

      there is no mercy or compassion.

      1. don’t let them into your life to begin with
      2. if they are already there, get rid of them
      3. if there are “sticky” ties, where there are legal, professional or economic ties, then work to get witnesses to back you up and oppose them, so you can retrieve what is yours.
      4. you may need an attorney and go to court if they have really entangled themselves with you.
      5. get restraining orders to keep them away.

      • Thank you, I’ve been rid of him for 4 years, but I am still feeling the financial aftereffects…my business is down to nothing and all attempts to build it fail, I apply for jobs and have great interviews, but never get called back. before my relationship with him I rarely applied for a job or needed an interview, employers just called me out of the blue to offer me jobs. I feel tied down, almost held under water…almost like a curse

        • he has you depressed, and this heaviness may play out in the interview…..

          also, as time passes, you get older, and will find it harder to find a job…same thing happened to me….when I was young, I could get a job easily…as I got older, it got harder.

          bless yourself every day…..before interviews, tell yourself that you like them and they like you… yourself up…encourage yourself…do not go in feeling insecure….

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