Dream 11 – War Planes


war_planes.jpgIt is a time in the USA, in the near future.


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~ by Marianne on March 16, 2014.

3 Responses to “Dream 11 – War Planes”

  1. The hijacked Boeing 777, may be destined as a weapon to throw a nuclear magnetic wave over NYC to put out the American economy as a terror attack that destroys all computer electronic gear. This is in line with Nostradamus prognostication of Terror King from the Air, over New City, at 45 degrees Latitude, in Twenty Degrees of Taurus, May 21st, while the Normans are in Chaos, to quote what Nostradamus suggested.
    So the hijacked plane on the first leg of it’s journey uses Silent Running to get by third world nations, but on the second leg, carrying a nuclear weapon to explode over New York, has to use a new trick, a trick that Iran claims to have. Iran shot down US Drones and took secret spyware from them. If they have the plane, then they can fool the French , with whom they have friendly relations. In 1967 Charles de Gaulle kicked out the SAC NATO COMMAND from France and turned their Air Security as Nationalistic, though they politically remained in NATO. Now , if the Iranians have this plane and refit it with spyware taken from the captured drones, they can send the plane to NYC, concealed as a normal flight or even as a military US flight. So they fly in plain sight using the French, which uncannily Nostradamus says that as the King of Terror strikes the Sky burst over NYC that the “Normans are in Chaos” It seems the weak link in Air Defense is the French , since they pulled out of SAC NATO , and run their own show and can direct a flight over the Arctic Circle to Canada, and that then can fly over New York. This is the weak link the Terrorists need, to get through what would seem to be an impregnable air defense system, using a breech in it caused by Charles de Gaulle.
    France, angry over the Viet Nam War, ordered all US Air Force personnel out of France, which the American Media did not elaborate on, since the daily news was the war in Viet Nam.
    So since the French have been friendly to the Ayatollah , helping the Iranian Revolution defeat the Shah, and the French have relied on going alone, out of NATO Defense, they have Eleven former SAC bases in France now a secret network of French Military controls, and that Tourists are not allowed to see or learn about. If the French then independently permit an Iranian flight to Canada, then NATO cannot stop them. So the French would need to be fooled and end up in a state of Chaos, that they let the Terror Weapon , the Boeing 777 get through , by trickery that included false signals and false identification signals , that the terrorists loaded on the plane for it’s final voyage to blow up over NYC.
    It reminds me of the Maginot Line failing to protect France, they seem to compete with America over leadership in the world and often ended up helping our enemies defeat America. This time the Normans, in their Aeronautical Aviation Control, will make the fatal error , being in chaos, as Nostradamus suggested, and the King of Terror , IRAN will succeed to send a nuke loaded on the Boeing 777 identified mistakenly as a secure French Flight , over the Arctic, over Canada and to the 45 th parallel the location of the New City , NYC. An air burst of Radiation would shut down all semiconductors that can control all the Electrical Grid, and cripple the American Nation in a few moments. It could darken the Eastern Seaboard, It could send the country into Martial Law,and create the pretext of a dictatorship of a greatly crippled American people, in havoc, And the Normans appear to be the weak link in air defense, that Iran could trick , and so Nostradamus mentions the chaos of the Normans in connection to the King of Terror Strike over NYC.

    • what I missed in all this is how the missing plane incident started and what actually happened that people do know about.

      • This may help.

        The following YouTube post reviews news accounts.

        This next YouTube post includes news with some editorial comment/speculation based upon news events from Isreal.

        Speculation abounds but we can’t trust the mainstream media either.

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