Ancient Egyptians in America


egyptians_in_america.jpgEvidence of a second ancient kingdom for Egypt in the continental United States.


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~ by Marianne on March 29, 2014.

7 Responses to “Ancient Egyptians in America”

  1. Oh! It happened!

    Egyptian artifacts have been found as well as Roman artifacts.

    Nothing as it seems, and few things reported as they really are.

    The New World was not as new as reported.


  2. Quite astounding actually.

  3. mystery babylon; the whole world wept because of her destruction, for all the fine things came from her. etc.etc. it’s not a city. it’s the united states.

  4. Actually they found Carthaginian artifacts amongst the Aztecs and Mayans curiously about the time they started human sacrifices like the Carthaginians practiced…

    There have also been Phoenician burial mounds in the US and we know the Hebrews often traveled with the Phoenicians as merchants…

  5. And while in the subject of findings… they have found many giant bones and super large elongated skulls the world over… talk about Gen 6…

    • Everything that you included within your posts were very, VERY interesting. Thank you for your contribution

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