Are You Empty Enough?


feel_god.jpgPeople may know the Word of God, but they don’t know the God of the Word.


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~ by Marianne on May 10, 2014.

3 Responses to “Are You Empty Enough?”

  1. Yes it is so true – people go to church and say they are Christians but lie, steal, cheat and gossip about other people just as bad if not worse than the people who don’t call themselves Christians. Some Christians are so narrow minded that they can’t see out of the square.

    To be a Christian you have to have patience, understanding, show love and kindness to other people. I don’t mean you have to be an easy take for other people to put things over you. You have to be “wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove” which says in the Bible. Other words “action speaks louder than words”. People judge you on not what you say as a Christian but what you do as a Christian. People can see that you care for them when in need by what you do and your attitude or body language towards them not what you say to them.

    • lynnette

      I think much of the persecution to come for the saints is due to the false christians giving a bad image of christ to the world…the world will turn on this church to destroy it…it seems to be out of hatred…but deeper, I think it is due to great disappointment, that the “church” was not what the world needed when it was in trouble.

      • So true – we should look to Christ not Christians – that is where people go wrong.

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