Kundalini and the Holy Spirit


clip_image001.jpgKundalini is a false version of the Holy Spirit.


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~ by Marianne on May 15, 2014.

3 Responses to “Kundalini and the Holy Spirit”

  1. Thank you for exposing this!!!

  2. No Mariane; Kundalini is not a “false version of the Holy Spirit” I’m writing a book on this very subject. Pop Quiz: How many spirits does Yahweh-God have?
    Next question: What’s the inherent purpose of Law?

    Next question how many parts are there to “the whole armor of Yahweh-God”

    Next question: How many Chakras are there?

    Yahweh-god is rising up, and he is back to claim all that is His. Soon many people are going to find themselves accepting they thought they should, would, or could. I am so relieved because the abstract, emotional, dichotomous, Grecian spell of false worship is going to be crushed.

    Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? Oh, wait! Isn’t that “new age devil worship? So, then; tell me; What is the difference between the Law of attraction and sowing and reaping? Tell me, what is the difference between an out of body experience and being in the spirit? What is the difference between pulling a coin from the mouth of a fish and pulling a rabbit out of a hat? Three men turned three staffs into three snakes, by what authority did they do that? What is Hope in comparison to belief and Faith?

    What does Love do?

    What is God’s purpose and destiny?

    The mind that ponders such things sets that mind on higher things, the higher things of Yahweh-God.
    Here’s what so many people do not understand: There is no difference between Quantum Physics and Yahweh-God. However, in order to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect, you have to know both. Now, to whom you give the Glory to determines your quality of eternal life.

    Quantum Physics says: Universe cannot exist without mind.
    Bible says, In beginning Yahweh God looked upon the expanse and it was without form. hmmm, anybody see a pattern?

    Anyway, I writing a book that is titled: Vision of a Mad Man. It is part of series that is titled Fighting for the Universe. It will soon be available on Amazon.

    Also I finished publishing my first Children’s Book, “The Day Mr. Sharkstooth Came to Beautiful-town” It is now at Amazon and createspace.com. Please read the description. I think everyone will enjoy it

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