Top American Cities to be Nuked


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~ by Marianne on June 18, 2014.

9 Responses to “Top American Cities to be Nuked”

  1. I have no idea what might be nuked first. My area is not in the nuke zones but it still could be devastated by natural forces, war, starvation, or plague.
    I am just commenting that I am sorry we live in such a fallen world and I wish our Creator would rescue us. I am tired of speculation about what may happen.

    • mariel

      I am not directly in a zone either, but if this happens there will be enough radiation to spread all over the country….let us pray we are spared this.

  2. I am really sure USA will not be nuked. All the future trouble will be in the Middle east and Europe. USA is not in Bible prophecy. Why? they will become a weaker nation and not interested in affairs beyond their borders.
    It’s already begun.
    BUT USA will have problems within. When the time of trouble as never before starts the whole world will have greater financial problems, USA will not escape. This will cause poverty, hardship and of course violence and huge crime. A time of great turmoil. When the Lord returns it says every wall shall fall. As it says 2Th_1:8 In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:
    Take Care

    • trev

      I hope as you do. But something will make america fall so that it does not participate in middle east affairs. i pray we are spared this.

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  4. If they drop that many nukes it is certain death for the rest of the world too. It would cause a nuclear winter for the entire world. The ones that dropped the bombs would die too…I think if they did an EMP attack then militarily attacked us it would be a lot cleaner.

  5. I think that the possibility exists that we could be nuked, but our enemies… and there are many, would do themselves better if the knocked out our power grid with an EMP. (Electro Magnetic Pulse)

    Marianne… I am, of late, extremely depressed about the rapid falling of our country. I work in Los Angeles and most of the younger employees graduated from USC nearby where we work. They lost their way in college which is sad. They have not been educated properly. They have been indoctrinated and are very critical of anything biblical. Thanks for listening.

    • dear JRA

      I think it would be depressing for any believer to live and work in Los Angeles….you have much talent and skill….have you thought of relocating someplace more bible friendly?

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