Homeless Go to Detention Camps


homeless _go_FEMA_camps.jpgThe church has failed to help the poor, and it WILL be held responsible for whatever happens to the poor in these FEMA camps.


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~ by Marianne on July 30, 2014.

4 Responses to “Homeless Go to Detention Camps”

  1. This hurts so much. It’s not just about praying, we must believe in order to be believers. So many “churches” yet no help. The moment we reflect on the truth that we are the church and it takes us to create the building through building up one another we will see a brighter change.
    Wow, this really hurts.

  2. The sooner we learn that we are our brother’s keeper, the sooner we learn what this hell is all about.

    The whole world is not worth one starved, dead third world baby

  3. This is very said to hear. Thanks for posting!

  4. Well that is not surprising. The Churches seem to do that I would be ashamed to be affiliated with Christians of that sort. What are they trying to say Yahweh is not love. Why doesn’t the government use some of there old army bases on farm property to house the poor. provide electric water baths. And police seized cars to the poor who only need a little help to get on there feet they could do a co-op farming vegetable program. I don’t know I am poor too. But not homeless yet

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