Summary of Expected Asteroid Impact at Puerto Rico – Efrain Rodriguez (2)


puerto_rico_asteroidSummary of the effects of asteroid impact on not just Puerto Rico, but the United States, Mexico and  South America.  Prophet Efrain Rodriguez.


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~ by Marianne on August 24, 2014.

6 Responses to “Summary of Expected Asteroid Impact at Puerto Rico – Efrain Rodriguez (2)”

  1. What size asteroid are we talking about here?

    • about 1.5 miles across

      • According to Eugene Shoemaker’s ballistic studies, and asteroid of one mile in diameter would be a total extinction level event(ELE).

        It’s likely that nothing would survive such an impact past 48 hours-certainly not a week.

        Any survivable impact must be from a foreign body 1/4 mile diameter or less. — Gene Shoemaker.

        Biblical cosmologists posit that ALL asteroids and comets were a result of the breakup of the earth during the Biblical flood. They don’t dismiss the possibility that a break up of a tenth planet might have been part of the reason for the myriads of “space trash” in our solar system.

        One thing is fairly certain. Something man did caused the Biblical flood, and God simply took responsibility for it.

        • I heard this estimate of size elsewhere….efrain did not mention it, I think…you have to listen to the 2 hour video

          • I understand.

            Personally, I’d rather have the asteroid than this methane threat. Unfortunately, the methane threat is the likeliest end time scenario.

            Once this methane threat becomes universally known, people will likely do anything do appease the “God’s” anger, such as in the form of the Mark/Idol of the Beast.

        • the government is expecting a level 10 event, which IS an extinction event, at least for this portion of the hemisphere.

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