Summary of Expected Asteroid Impact at Puerto Rico (1)




Summary of the effects of asteroid impact on not just Puerto Rico, but the United States, Mexico and  South America.  Prophet Efrain Rodriguez.



~ by Marianne on August 24, 2014.

7 Responses to “Summary of Expected Asteroid Impact at Puerto Rico (1)”

  1. marianne; do you remember what i told you about 2014 ?

  2. She is trying to keep me from sleeping and my chest feel funny , I went in to the greatroom to send you this e-mail ,she has been attracting me and the lady on the other side of her over a year now we will not put up with her mess . Help PLEASE what is she trying to do?

    • dear patrick

      I am sending you a prayer against witchcraft. also some prayers for strength. Print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      when you see the witch, tell her with confidence that you are praying against her curses, in Jesus name, and you are covered by the blood of Jesus.

      If you are not saved, then get saved. if you are already saved, then that is good.

    • patrick; if you are a holyghost filled christian, then do as marianne has told you. evil will not stay near someone who has the spirit of the living god within them. i pray that god sent his angels to surround thee as you read this. but know that if you are not a christian then the enemy will continue. pray for the lord to keep thee safe and stand on the word of god; he who is within you is greater then he who is within the world. i give you power over all the enemy, but do not boast in this but know thy name is written in the book of life.

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