Mother of Ham


noah_sons.pngShe may have been a descendant of Cain.


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~ by Marianne on September 1, 2014.

10 Responses to “Mother of Ham”

  1. Noah was perfect in his Generation. His three sons were also from their father. Cain was not black as this is a Christian Identity claim and its certainly wrong. The mark of Cain was not being black. Even if was, all of cains descendents were drowned in the flood. The hybrids generations were wiped out and God don’t make mistakes. The sons of God or fallen angels now called Watchers came down for a second wave and started the Giant race again. The languages were changed at the tower of Babel and the skin color changed at the same time by God or over a period of generations after the land was divided during the generation of Preleg.

    • yes I know noah was perfect, but this is about a second possible wife….it would explain how a white man produced a black child.

      • His wife could not have been a descendent of Cain. God destroyed the entire bloodline and would not have allowed or blessed the marriage. Also they were very closed in their marriages since even Mary married her cousin Joseph. Even is she was a descendent it would not have created Giants in the 10’s of thousands after the flood that dominated the land.

    • Noah was perfect in his generations and the way its written implies his DNA had not been tampered with by the nephilim. It had nothing to do with human race but with fallen angels tamperong Yah’s creation. They came back and kept at it sfter the flood. It could be that Cain’s grandson mixed with them.
      Now the nephilim look like normal humans instead of giants which explains why both the false messiah and false prophet will be able to do wonders.
      As for the different races, i’ve seen plenty of families with natural norn sibblings from the same parents that range from very light to dark, including blond blue tyes to very dark skin and curly hair ones.

      • Cain had NO SURVIVORS. There is no record nor evidence that anyone survived the Flood but 8 people, Noah + wife; and 3 sons + three wives ONLY. Evidence, King James Bible confirm this. Its got everything to do with the Human race as the Human races comes from Noah and sons after the flood. The tampering with the hybrids was separate.

        The division of races was complete until immigration to the USA was controlled since 1492 by the Illuminati in an effort and agenda to combine the races almost 700 years later… took a long time. Cains grandsons could not have mixed with them because he did not survive the flood. the KJV is the final authority.

        • but if Ham’s mother was of the lineage of Cain, then Ham would perpetuate the lineage….that was the point…

          I am not saying this is true, but just something to think about.

  2. That is speculation. Let’s stick to what we can biblically prove hey?

  3. it is more convoluted than even you are implying….the Jewish Rabbi’s claim that Noah’s wife’ name was Naamah(the last woman named in the line of Cain), and more succinctly, that the description of “uncovering your Father’s nakedness” being described in all too horrific a detail in Leviticus 18 implies that there was an incestuous relationship between Ham and his mother.
    But, if you do not want to understand the horrific truth, than your eyes will never be opened, and you will forever be wallowing around in obfuscations and distractions….the race issue is absolutely without merit, and one that is constantly raised only to further created and foster division.

    • Noah would NEVER have had the opportunity nor inclination to take on a wife from Cain’s bloodline. Impossible. He was a man of God and had one wife as the Bible says. Cains BLOODLINE also perished. Christianity and Arnold Murray’s cults are way off track. THERE WERE NO INCESTUOUS contract. That is speculation and there are no Biblical inference to this heresy. To see the father’s nakedness was the sin and the disrespect was abhorred then. There were no sexual contact and if there were can you show me the scripture. It says he SAW his father’s nakedness and what did they do after. They COVERED him up in a specific manner. The race issue comes after nimrod about 10+ generations around the generation of Preleg.

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