FEMA Exercise in November 2014 – Internet Down?


FEMA.pngShutdown of power, internet and phones.


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~ by Marianne on October 17, 2014.

One Response to “FEMA Exercise in November 2014 – Internet Down?”

  1. Does seem a little suspicious “under the guise of practice-makes-perfect”.
    A side note, not to panic anyone, but Region II includes NY, NJ, Puerto rico and Virgin Islands….didn’t we read on this site recently about a “prophet” from PR predicting an earthquake and tsunami off the west coast of PR soon (Dec.) and heading up the eastern seaboard of the US?

    My pastor recently preached a sermon on “Do Not Worry” (Matt 6:25-34), which seems more and more appropriate as the days and hours go by.
    His points: 1. God considers us very valuable (v. 26b); 2. Our priority is to seek the Kingdom of God for all our needs. (v. 33) (Even tho the passage is specific about our food and clothing, seeking God’s Kingdom is meant for everything, especially drawing us closer to God the Father and His Son Jesus.) 3. Let tomorrow’s worries be taken care of tomorrow, not today (for if each day we seek God’s Kingdom to ‘give us today our daily bread’, God will lead us safely though.

    This is hard to put into practice sometimes. And it doesn’t imply that bad things won’t happen to us or we will be spared from hardship or death. But like the 3 men thrown into the fiery furnace in Daniel, they trusted God for the moment to either, 1. have the authorities change their mind and not throw them in, thus delivering them, 2) deliver them on the other side of the furnace through their deaths (eternal life), or 3) deliver them from the fire without injury (as happened). In any case, their faith in God’s provision according to His great Will, is what gives us peace that passes all understanding.

    Whatever happens before, during or after this exercise in November, we can be assured that God is not unaware of the plans of evil men, is not caught off guard or by surprise, and has a plan already in place to take care of his children.

    Seek first His Kingdom and you will not be disappointed.

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