2 Drops of Blood


drops of bood - daniel 8They fell from above, and they landed on a verse from Daniel 8.


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~ by Marianne on May 19, 2015.

6 Responses to “2 Drops of Blood”

  1. Dear Marianne,

    Daniel’s vision of the ram, the he goat, and the little horn

    Ancient Persha and the Medes looks like it from Daniel’s

    Site: The two witnesses of Revelation- revealed! The word of God is clear – The witnesses are now here! utube by ppsmons

    I remember Marianne it was your dream or vision of the
    bride with blood on Her dress…..Persecution I believe
    as has been coming to pass in the middle east…..

    God Bless You and Yours
    Love, In Jesus
    Praying Carol

    • yes carol. i remember the dream of the bride and the blood.

      it was horrible…on a spiritual level, I was attacked until I died

      and others looked on and did nothing

      this is what is happening in the physical to our brothers and sisters in foreign lands.

      people look on and do nothing…governments do nothing.

      this is why tribulation and destruction will come to christians and nonchristians who are “good people” in the USA

      we look on and do nothing

      only those who grieve and moan over the horrors and pain of others will be spared.

  2. Dear Marianne,

    Compassion – In the Spirit as the Lord was allowing You to feel
    what Our Brothers and Sisters and Children are experiencing
    over there ….. In You Heart and I too feel for them….
    I think of Jesus when the Enemy offered Him all of this
    on the earth……if Jesus would bough to Him…..the Fallen
    one, on the earth……Until Jesus returns …..The Bible speaks
    of the end days and how it would be hard to be a Christian
    and how the Love of many will grow cold……The falling
    away…..I believe Our Nation has been going far far away
    from God of the Bible….lost…..these are my thoughts as
    Nations and Empires have come and gone in the past of
    history……The Bible speaks of when a good King dies,
    the people mourn, and it also speaks of when a bad King
    dies the people rejoice……The prophets of old have spoken
    of the coming days……God had sent prophets as warnings
    did they listen??? They usually hated the prophets of God
    didn’t like what they heard, and it was God……Thinking of
    Nineva……We have the Shemitah coming……

    Love, In Jesus Christ
    Praying Carol

  3. Absolutely off topic, but I love your subtitle your blog … “where the word of God is free.” Such a wonderful thought in these dark days. I just want to surround myself with like-minded people because the beast without is gaining momentum and I am grateful when I see and meet others who are of the same accord. We may not agree on all the nooks and crannies, but its the heart that matters, and this makes me rejoice!

    • dear heart

      thank you

      to me, jesus died a painful and bloody death, and I cannot see making money off his pain.

      we all seek the truth…and make mistakes as we collect information, but we keep going, and collect MORE information until we reach our goal.

      seeking an finding are different

      but it is the joy of the search, and the prize at the end that makes it worthwhile.

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