October 28, 2016


mystery.jpgMystery date?


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~ by Marianne on June 19, 2015.

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  2. I have been getting dreams since i was a child,the kind of dreams that you just know are of importance,but know nothing more than what you see and feel. Every one of the dreams came true as time past and it has stirred my stomach in knowing what is yet to happen. I deeply love our Father and our Saviour alike and have faith in his plan,I cannot claim to know of his return but I feel I must share a dream of an eruption of a volcano in the north west of America (I didn’t even know there was one in America until my dream)the dream itself was a remote view through the eyes of someone watching the news on TV and it was showing the eruption area on the map of America and the ash cloud spreading out eastwards…
    I wish I could be hypnotised so I could try and focus more at that TV and maybe spot a date or something but the only date I have in my gut 2016(don’t even know if the date is relative to the dream or something else) the dream is from my teenage years and the 2016 feeling started when everyone was raving about the 2012 end of the world stuff.
    Sounds all crazy I know and at times I thought I was going crazy too but events have come to pass and now I am paying attention.

    • andrew

      was the volcano anywhere near the circle on this map?


      • No sorry,after my dream I went and looked at a map and found there where actually a few volcanoes in the area, it is one of the ones above Seattle (think I spelled that correctly).

        • One dream I have had,to this day baffles me,I think I have gone as far as I can with trying to work it out but rattled my thoughts profoundly…..
          The dream thread was as follows… I was stood looking at the night sky just above the horizon, when I noticed a brilliant white light, seemingly star dot size but it looked like it was shaking or showing some vibration. After a few minutes of gazing at the light I realised it wasnt shaking or vibrating it was moving towards me,fast.
          As it got to the point where it was about to pass over head it revealed four more directly behind and all of the same size and equally spaced apart.
          At that moment in a blink of an eye I was no longer stood on the ground watching the lights pass overhead, instead, I was now floating in space,ahead of the lights again, but this time they passed my they broke alignment, dispersing into a stationary formation and in another blink of the eye the lights revealed they were marker points to a stone structure (Inca or myan I guessed)….. The most bizarre point to all of this,is that this stone structure looked plucked right out of the jungle with vines over growing it,just gently drifting and tilting in space with me….
          I woke up really charged and eager to work it out,going to the library, turning every page (it was before Internet) but I couldn’t find anything that had these giant stone spheres which indicated the position of the five lights,…that is until recently when long after I thought I had forgotten all about the dream,a picture caught my eye,it wasn’t the structure from my dream but it had the same design near-enough.
          It was a Hindu temple,I have looked at every photo I can find of Hindu temple’s and eventhough some are very close in detail, none of them where the one I seen in my dream.
          The one good thing of this dream was,unlike the others,I felt no suffering connected to it, just bewilderment at the floating around in space.

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