Real Church


early_church.jpgThe modern church does not compare to the early one.


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~ by Marianne on July 10, 2015.

9 Responses to “Real Church”

  1. Amen on that Marianne. I wish I had better understanding on how we are to function as a body and church today, without the religion aspaect.

  2. The closest church to the first century church is the Christadelphians.
    The members volunteer for postions within the church and are voted in.
    Every church thoughout the world is independent.

    • trev

      that is awesome. I had never heard of them before. thank you

      • /s Prophet Ronald Dwayne Whitfield

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        /s Prophet Ronald Dwayne Whitfield

        • Ronald Whitfield, I don’t know who you are or anything about
          you but what I just read is nothing but mumbo jumbo which
          made NO sense whatsoever. The title of this blog is “Real
          Church”; comparing the early church with today’s church.
          I can’t see how your comment aligns with the article. You
          made the entire comment about yourself. I believe in God’s
          prophets. I believe that God does have those that speak
          for Him. But to call yourself God’s last prophet is walking
          on dangerous ground. Do you know how much pride it takes
          to make a statement like that? There is NO humility in that
          comment. God said to humble ourselves we have to be
          the servant of all. We have to have a servant mindset. The
          word says to let others praise us, NOT we ourselves.
          To get back to the article, the church of today bears little
          resemblance to the early church. Of course things and times
          will change, but there is so little difference in the way the world
          thinks and the way the church thinks it’s ridiculous.
          And to Ronald, please examine your heart to see what is going
          on. Do you really know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? John 3:3
          says we must be “born-again”, which means we acknowledge
          that we are sinners, (we were all conceived as sinners)
          and to ask Jesus into your heart, believing that He died for
          your sins, and through His death, you (and I) will live
          forever with Him. Romans 10:9 says if we believe in our
          hearts and CONFESS WITH OUR MOUTHS…we shall be
          saved. Then find a group of Christian men in the prison
          and join them, willing to learn from them. If there is no such
          group then prayerfully start a bible study. Forgive me if I
          read something into your comment that you did not intend,
          but please, stick to the subject at hand.

      • Dear Judges, Justices and All Other Readers:

  3. […] Source: Real Church […]

  4. The modern church lost its bearings when the Roman Empire took over and changed so many things including trying to change Yahveh’s Sabbath and Torah, Jer. 16:19 needs to take place.

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