New York City Announces Its Own Death


kali_NYC.jpgThey would never put a picture of Jesus up there.


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~ by Marianne on August 11, 2015.

9 Responses to “New York City Announces Its Own Death”

  1. Is that Kali, the goddess of death and destruction?

  2. This is exactly what I thought upon seeing this. Perhaps the much discussed tidal wave?!

  3. I dreamed last night that my niece fell down from the 32 floor. She grabbed onto a glass window and climbed inside(so she didn’t fell).Her mother told her” Now you need to sleep for two weeks” My niece was around 5 years old in a dream. In real live she is 20. What is this dream means?

  4. eva: my best guess on the dream is that the 32 represents 23 backwards since that is how Hollywood keeps portraying 23 in their movies about the 23rd of September upcoming disaster. Sleeping for 2 weeks would be 14 years, so if she was 6 and slept for 14 years and is now 20 then she should be waking up now to the disaster that is about to happen.
    Maybe she should avoid tall buildings, LOL?

  5. I can’t even talk about Jesus with out someone getting angry or upset. So this doesn’t surprise me. I live in New York;)

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