Prayer note – August 27, 2015


prayer1.jpgA friend called me after being in prayer.


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~ by Marianne on August 28, 2015.

4 Responses to “Prayer note – August 27, 2015”

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  2. I believe  that Sept 25th will be??? the Day of the LordWe ALL need to Fast Pray Repent-interesting that this Occurs at the Precise Season of Repentance (NO COINCIDENCE)???The Latter Day Rains may be on the First Month (Of Rosh HaShanah- when G-d created the World)-I pray that the Blindness comes OFF Israel & they Repent during this Season-so tat Sanhedrin will get it completely Right this TimeI’m, still praying Esther’s Prayer & also the Lord told me to Make a Pesach Seder-as a Sacrifice to get answers to these Prayers – so i bought Matzoh-Sparkling Grape juice & Gefilte Fish w/ Horse Radish for Shabbat etcSome are making a Sacrifce in the Wilderness-I think? some here have left in BoatsI keep getting that soon they will make appear an Image of Gold- with all types of Music (like in time of Nebuchadnezzar)- & mI cannot even stand barely anymore-so I could NOT bow down to anything even if I wanted to!They already Play all types of Music everywhere here—-The Lord told me that He’d overthrow the Chariots- also the song fort Pesach (Drones.UFO’s?)He told me NOT to fear & that some woman in my Bldg has been paid to kill me! Shabbat Shalom

  3. also- another Flat tire on Scooter-may have been punctured while I was in Computer Room- I have NOT left Bldg????Saboatge

    • ahava

      it is a dangerous time for both Israel , America, and the world.

      the lord will be faithful to answer your prayers.

      God will protect you. you are his Bride.

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