Prayer Vigil for the World –Points of prayer


prayer_vigil.pngPrayers for this world – urgent.  No more time left


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~ by Marianne on September 12, 2015.

7 Responses to “Prayer Vigil for the World –Points of prayer”

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  3. Spare My People Israel from Destruction
    send them a Spirit of Grace Supplication & repentance
    Pour out 1/2 of your Heavenly Kingdom- your Ruach Ha Kodesh on Israel & Judah to cleanse the Land
    Remove her BLINDNESS
    Remarry HER as a VIRGIN
    Chose Jerusalem again
    Make a New Covenant with the House of Judah & Israel
    Remember your Promises to Abraham Isaac & Jacob
    redeem Israel from ALL Her Troubles
    Let OUR STONE come & break the 4th Kingdom
    May His Kingdom Come TRICK formed vs Israel Prosper
    Rescue the Fatherless & Widows in their Afflictions
    Remember that they shed INNOCENT BLOOD in YOUR LAND
    Vengeance is yours Lord-
    Rescue the Abandoned- the Sick- Elders- Broken Hearted- the Single Mothers & Children-the Solitary-the Injured-the Weak-Rejected-Meek-
    defenseless-the Persecuted-those who look for Truth & Righteousness-those who

  4. Long for Peace- Righteosness- Justice-LOVE-Unity-& defend the Poor
    Rescue the New Agers who are of Good Works- but deceived-
    We pray for our Enemies- the CIA- Congress-Lead
    WE REPENT for the Overwhelming Grievous SINS of America- the Church-Jews- Israel-& ask for MERCY for Your Own Names Sake that LUCIFER may NOT be Victorious—
    DO NOT give your Land/People to Ha Satan!
    Give the Rabbis Sound Doctrine & Remove their Blindness
    We pray for the Sanhedrin that is going to TRY the EU- NWO- Vatican/POPE- Please Guide them to Repent & Cleanse themselves of ALL SIN to be Blameless thru Your Blood & then guide them how to defeat Our Enemies—-
    Make the Jewish Wise Men of Babylon into Daniels
    Lead Netanyahu & Peres into Thorough Repentance & Restore their Faith
    Be Merciful remembering that HOPE deferred makes a Heart Sick
    Bring the Church to Repentance for NOT taking care of Women Laborers in Yeshua & breaking the Brotherly Covenant-having their LOVE waxed Cold
    Guide the Leaders of Israel & let them Hear Your Voice- give them a Spirit of Obedience to seek you in ALL THINGS
    Give the Sanhedrin the Courage to Proclaim that Yehoshua is the Branch- Baruch HaBa Ba Shem Adonai
    Pray for the Salvation of Israel *& use them to BLOCK the NWO/BEAST
    Break all Vessels -Plans- Weapons-Devices-nukes etc etc of the NWO-formed vs us & Israel
    Expose the LIES that are planned to Deceive the public
    Pray that the Aish HaTorah Rabbis in Jerusalem come to Repentance about the Magic -Astrology etc in their Texts-give them Sound Doctrine
    Pray that the Church also cleanses itself of all things of Baal & aplogizes to Israel for the Council of Nicea changing the Times & Seasons & sabbaths of the Hebrew Scriptures
    Send a Ruach of Reconciliation-where you LOVE THEM FREELY-( which HEALS)- Tikkun Olam

  5. SORRY- someone hacking me again- knocking off some of what I’m writing= 1st Prayer should read- Let NO WEAPON or TRICK vs Israel or USA Prosper-NO NUKES- VESSELS-Plans- Devices etc-Break them!

  6. Faith – The Jew’s Will have to come in Jesus Name and receive the same covenant that the Jews and Gentiles did in the 1st Century church. . That is the covenant. For Both. The Church ages started with Jew and Gentile and it will end with Jew and gentile.
    To think that Israel will go under another Covenant – then show it to me please in the Bible and or Revelation.


  7. do not be to surprised if America goes down along with Israel. Just a thought. Israel is as bad as America with their gays meetings and letting it go into reprobation of the minds the same as U.S. . Sorry I just think the whole world has mostly all gone into Noah’s day as well. No principles, no morals, most curse God at this moment, Cause they love their sin. It makes them feel independent from God. And they are right. They just do not understand what it means to be in complete darkness.


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