HELL: Does it really exist?


heaven_or_hell.jpgIs the traditional view of hell right or wrong?


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~ by Marianne on September 26, 2015.

9 Responses to “HELL: Does it really exist?”

  1. Thank you for posting the truth, Marianne! What a wonderful way to start my day. God has truly blessed you.

  2. […] Source: HELL: Does it really exist? […]

  3. According to Scripture hell does really exist. And apparently the people behind CERN also think so…

    • shoshana

      I believe it exists also…which is what jesus was saving us from on the cross.

      I would like to see other responses to this…..

      this is jim’s opinion

  4. INTERESTING. Would love to hear yall’s take on this.

  5. Does it exist….of course it exists…..It’s here on earth now….
    Did not Jesus get tempted by Satan in the Desert….
    Remember He offered to Jesus, You can have all of this…..
    Does it exist…..I think of War and Pestilance and Murders
    and all of it that is evil going on….Right here on earth….

    The principalities as ephesians speak of….What is in
    the unseen realm…..Yes, I do believe there is Heaven
    and also a Hell…Both beyond what I cannot see after
    this life here….

    I also think of Lazerus, the story of Him when He was
    poor and sick and full of sores and had died…..
    Then with Jesus in Heaven….He requested to go back
    and tell them…..Before they left the earth….where
    they would go…..Jesus told Him….They wouldn’t listen
    anyway….Weren’t they feasting and He was Hungry
    and they threw Him a scrap from the table….

    A very powerful story from the Bible …..

    Life is eternal and given free will and we get
    to choose….whom to serve…..

    The scriptures speak of the enemy, who comes to
    rob steal kill and destroy…..

    Yes, I do believe there is a Heaven and a Hell.

    Blessings and Prayers
    Love, In Jesus (Yeshua) King of Kings Lord of Lord’s
    coming again…..
    Look Up…
    Praying Carol

  6. If we read Gen 1 we see right away that darness was in the deep part of the miasma unto which Yahveh then spoke light and order.

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