Parallel Universes


parallel_universes.jpgReal or science fiction?


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~ by Marianne on October 19, 2015.

12 Responses to “Parallel Universes”

  1. Who knows but the Bible says nothing about it(afaik).

  2. Hi Marianne, yes it is real. Read the book of Enoch where he talks about being taken from one doorway into another into the universe by the angels after he was taken to heaven. It’s very interesting, sounds like science fiction but its not.

    I just watched a video yesterday, this guy brought up some very interesting points that connect to some scriptures in the Bible though his explanation was different than the actual interpretation. If one is following the Scriptures in depth then only one can make the connection. Check this out.
    Stewart Swerdlow – CERN, Blue Beam and the Portal to Hell

    • Book of Enoch is a 2nd century BC fake.

      • how do you know that?

      • Maybe to you but not to me. I have the translation from the Dead Sea Scrolls. I read the book twice and it makes a lot of sense to me. Depends how you understand it.
        Btw I am just curious to know, how and from whom you learned that the book of Enoch is fake.

    • looks interesting.

      long video but I will take a look.

      the topic is one I have considered writing about

      • I don’t want to go too deep into such matters but just for curiosity sake, whenever I watch or read about something interesting, I always like to investigate a little bit more and so I found a link on Stewart Swerdlow. I just browsed thru the article and noticed that he was communicating with the aliens/ET’s whatever, and some of the stuff he mentions in his article about the Hebrew DNA, Solomon & Sheba, the ark of the covenant, the moon and more … are contrary to the Holy Scriptures. Call these beings ET’s or aliens but they are actually demons and obviously they don’t speak the truth, so what they must have told him much of it could be false so some of the contents in the article I would just dismiss. Read and see what you think and let me know.
        Btw, I believe those beings that have occupied the galaxies and heavenly bodies are not just the offspring of the fallen angels of Noah’s time, but the angels that were kicked out of heaven along with Lucifer. Who knows what was their exact number how far long that was before the Earth was created. However, all this is certainly interesting.

        • maybe he is fake….or maybe he is part true and part fantasy

          • He may not be fake, he says that he was in the montauk project ( and that he was abducted by aliens but the point is that whatever the aliens have told him is a bunch of lies and though he believes those things, yet they contradict with Scripture. After browsing thru his article, I thought its best to dismiss that stuff. YHVH has given us this beautiful Earth as our home and He is coming back to rule here among us. It’s such a pride and great joy to know who our heavenly Father and Creator is and that we all have a part of Him in us.

  3. From: world Elder: Thank you we as the made of God have no power over what God is doing in other worlds, He has all the power to do as He likes, this is not some human it is GOD we are talking about, we know we will help with many things after this human life, the word is very clear to this, at the sound of His voice the earth was made to what we see now, His power His way, now can you see what a powerful God we Have, one must remember at the sound of His voice we are not the same old thing, we become what He says we are. pray always live free, live as God has said. He will gather from all places at the end, we do not have all of God’s knowledge just what we need as humans making ready to Go Home to Him today is the days of salvation, not the days of us knowing al things one day we will know, Repent and live, repent as a human, for the human time is not long, God has the power to have many worlds, to find another world would be good for us humans if God has one, because this should let us see we are no God but His made with the chance to be His children forever,
    Your Brother in Jesus Simon

  4. I think is fiction Marianne. What we do have however is that when Adam and Eve chose to disobey and eat of the tree of compromise Yah had to ¨turn off the switch¨ in our DNA so that man was for all effect and purposes encapsulated in time and space. When man eventually acquires his new body (if truly saved and following Yeshua) then he will have whatever Yah changed in our DNA switched back on so that we will be like Yeshua when He resurrected que went through matter and space.

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