With Thy Likeness


image_of_god.jpgIs it possible to look like GOD?


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~ by Marianne on October 28, 2015.

6 Responses to “With Thy Likeness”

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  2. G-d is Invisible & we are Forbidden to make IMAGES of HIM I need URGENT PRAYER!!!!!!!! HUD is trying to kill me finally by making me Homeless by this Trick- I knew they were up to sometingIf my Bldf Fails to END the SUBSIDY- I will be left with NO APT= they were happy & Gloating Yesterday-so I knew they were up to something

  3. We were made in His image but Lucifer, knowing the reason he was kicked out of Yahveh’s presence and realizing Yahveh made man in His image to subdue all things on earth, including satan, on the one hand, and wanting to be the one subduing everything instead, used high level political maneuvers to trick man to ultimately bow down to him by having man accept his lies and thus causing man’s death, which is why Yeshua called satan a ‘murderer from the beginning’ (from Bereshit). Satan killed man’s nephesh which temporarily terminated man’s ability to not be subjected to time and space like we are now. Thanks be to Yah’s grace and love He sent Yeshua as second Adam and now if by faith we accept Yeshua’s sacrifice AND His way of conducting our lives (you can’t say you believe but not really follow Him) then we will be restored to His image again to once more reflect His light.

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