Woe To Him That is Alone


alone.jpgBe alone and lose the battle.


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~ by Marianne on October 30, 2015.

6 Responses to “Woe To Him That is Alone”

  1. hello marianne

    thank ou for your mail what will you say about the bible stating there are people born to be solo? i was nt brought up in a religious family and not trying to make a statement’ its just question i am single for he past 23 yrs and feels like i am born to be solo?



    • hi olivia / lee

      yes it is possible to be born for the single life.

      the apostle paul recommended it also

      this gives the person more time with God, and more time to serve him as well.

  2. Those who are ALONE are easily BROKEN

  3. To love in Hebrew is (ahabah)

    a ha va means:

    “to give from self” all . (“to give from self” all of God in you !)

    That is Love . . .God’S love in us.

    Love your neighbor with this Love, A Godly LOVE, an all fulfilling Love.

    This word “love” in the Hebrew O.T. (the word “ahabah”) describes God’s GREAT intense love (SO COMPELING,EXTREME, THE HIGHEST DEGREE, ALL ENCOMPASSING ALL FULFILLING OVERWHELMING. Lovesick . . .LOVE).

    It is only found 40 times in the O.T. (Interesting number of uses because in Hebrew 40 is significant of TESHUVAH which is. . .seeking the fullness of God , seeking God’s very heart), and each time it is used, it expresses a love that is mighty, i.e. Jeremiah 31:3 “Yea, I have loved (noun) ahab thee with an everlasting love ahabah (verb).”

    A ha vah is in relation to YUD HE VAV HE . . . GOD IN THE LOVE . . . GOD IS THE LOVE. True Love in us.

    ahab (love) is a noun it means: “the closes of lovers”

    AHABAH( LOVE) a verb means : OVERWHELMING PERFECTLY BEING LOVED (VERB) THE ACTUAL ACTIVE POWER OF TRUE LOVE. . . The beating heart throb. . .The deepest affection and deepest love.

    Jeremiah 2:2; 9:24; 16:5; 31:3; 32:18,38-42

    The greatest love by us, God says is to “wait” on the Lord. The word “Qavah” in Hebrew – is to wait . . .to bind together with Cords of Love entwining us WITH God.

    To “wait” as A lover of God/God loving us.

    Letting God’s LOVE, love us. . . is to let God flow through us . . . Then we can truly LOVE everyone else.

    God is the vine we are the branch. He flows through us with all that He is. AHABAH Love. Our very Life Blood, The Breath of Life (BREAD OF LIFE).

    Did you know that Sin is a noun, ‘not a verb’?

    it is a state of being and a condition – in Hebrew sin means without awareness of self, …..unaware (not mindful) who you really are…that is sin.

    Sin is not doing bad, as the world has determined to consider sin.

    Forgetting who you are is what God considers sin.

    (and NOT knowing who you are. . . causes you to do bad. . .of course you have excuses. . .my flesh did it. . .the devil made me do it!!!

    Do you not know you are God’s ?. . .you are holy !

    God says it Himself. The Hebrew word kadosh, which in its various forms is translated holy, consecrated, sanctified.

    To be free from sin is to know, to really know you are God’s very own. Cherished and beloved. Perfect!

    God sees you as His precious life, all of Him. . .His most valuable treasure…that He gave birth to you. . .breathed life into you.

    You are just a thought of God. . .
    A WONDERFUL THOUGHT. . .one that was to be with Him forever!!!!!

    He will continue to breathe life into you (forever). He wants YOU to be the closest and to have the greatest intimacy and greatest LOVE with HIM! AHABAH

    So can’t you see, when you see. . . you have, when you have . . .when you have the fullness GOD’S LOVE.

    Don’t you see, you must see God, and know you are God’s ?

    By knowing this. . that you are His. . . then SIN doesn’t exist with you or HAVE ANYTHING to do WITH YOU. . . or YOU with it?!!!!

    Because you are God’s !. . . God says you are holy His very own!

    Therefore(repent) in Hebrew means: to change mind, to change your mind . . .be mindful of yourself. . .to turn back to God. . .to let God reveal all of Himself to you… to flow in you. . . so you know who you are. . .you are God’s very own! . . .you are holy !


    (with God there is no sin. . .only the completeness of God).

    So be in God. . .in God’s LOVE. LET GOD LOVE YOU.

    “If we confess Him” means: when we declare (He is Mine I am His) therefore John says “He is faithful and true to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (everything of death and darkness is washed away).


    Therefore(repent) in Hebrew means: to change mind, to change your mind with the Mind Of TESHUVAH . . .be mindful of Him. . .to turn back to God. . .to be filled with all of His Love. . .to let God reveal all of Himself to you… to flow in you. . . so you know who you are. . .you are God’s very own!

    May the Lord Bless you and Keep you and be Gracious to you.
    May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you . . .and give you His SHALOAM.

    . . .and you will never be alone.

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