Jephthah, From zero to be Hero

Are you a “nothing”? I suggest you read this. It will encourage you.

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Few days ago I took time to meet my new office staff in Singapore named Zahra. She is from India then move to Singapore to get a better future. I am interested and impressed by her life background. Openly and shamelessly she tells her life bitterness. When she was 22 year old she should know a bad fact. She was an unwanted child to be born. She was born as a result of the adultery. Her parents many times tried to have an abortion yet always failed. As an unwanted child she never gets a proper affection, even handed out to one of her mother’s relatives.  That situation gives rise to hatred and rancor to her parents. But Thank you to God, the good news was she bring her bitterness to God and God enabled, strengthen, and move her heart to forgive them, even God amazingly use her in a…

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~ by Marianne on February 13, 2016.

2 Responses to “Jephthah, From zero to be Hero”

  1. Many of us have horror stories from our past when we were young. Some of us were molested, or abused in some other fashion, or as in Jephthah’s story, unwanted. Whatever our pain is from our past we may lash out at others and unconsciously pick partners to play out the abuse again and again. We may swallow our pain, keep it inside, and abuse ourselves through drugs, alcohol, or some other self abuse.

    Then there are those of us who reach out to something greater than ourselves. (I personally believe and experienced something greater than me reaching out to me.) We may not understand at first what/who this Greater something is, especially at age 3, 9, or whatever age we first encountered a time that we felt unsafe and unprotected.

    I was a victim of molest as a young child. There are some who believe in any abuse situation, we go from victim, to survivor, to warrior. As long as we remain victim to any situation, the healing can not happen.

    About 25 years later, in a phone conversation with my father (he had been arrested for molesting a neighbors little girl) he cried out to me, “I don’t know what I have done to you, whatever I have done to you, I am so sorry.” I realized at that moment that my father truly had no memory of what he had done to me or to the neighbor’s girl. He was drunk and in a blackout at both times. Right then and there I forgave him. It took me a quarter of a century to get to that place, but I did get there. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that one then forgets.

    For true healing to occur, we must not only give our pain up to God, we have to find room for forgiveness. If we can only do one of these and not both, it is my personal opinion that healing will not be complete.and we will revisit the pain over and over.

    Christ died on the cross for all of our sins and we are forgiven. He has room to take our pain, we do not have to hold on to it any more. Christ was asked how we should pray. Christ responded with what is known as the Lord’s Prayer, in the Book of Matthew. Whenever today I find myself holding on to any resentment I pray that prayer over and over.

    Many of us throughout many of Marianne’s postings have talked about, in various words, how we feel we lack the presence of God, or we want to be closer to God, and have Him fill us up with His Spirit. Well, as long as we are full of the this or full of the that, it doesn’t leave much room for God, in my experience anyway. In reciting the Lord’s Prayer I also try to offer up everything to God, the good, and the bad.

    I have a plaque by my front door that I see every time I leave the house.
    “If God Seems Far Away – – – Who Moved?”

    Many Blessings,

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