Cross in Sky


clip_image001_thumb.jpgAccording to a prophecy of the early 1900s, a cross is to appear in the sky before a warning from God happens.


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~ by Marianne on February 19, 2016.

7 Responses to “Cross in Sky”

  1. Marianne, I took this picture about 4 years ago. It is unedited. I was coming out of a grocery and looked up and saw what looked to be a cloud resembling a cross. It wasn’t until I got home and remembered to look at it did I realize what was in the picture. In the first picture you can see Jesus on the cross, I rotated it and now you can see an eagle, two dark wings and a head. Both Jesus and the eagle actually have eyes. In the first picture Jesus is standing on the back of a lamb. The lamb’s head is to the left of Jesus’ legs. Looking to the left. He is standing on the lamb’s back.

    Becky Castella

  2. Dear Becky,

    Thankyou so very much for sharing this… me it is a wow….

    I’ll share a story of a cross with you all, one in the sky.

    Years ago, my church had prayed over my life for about my
    heart for the Veterans and the pow-mia’s and their families
    from the wars….

    I had many many things happen since that time.
    in my journey.

    I remember when there was an article about the removal
    of a cross in Hawaii…..a 65 foot illuminated cross that had
    stood by the memorial….The Island people all new of this
    cross and would see this cross ……
    They were going to remove this cross…..

    I at the time, was to be making a trip with my husband
    at the time, a business trip….timing…..So I had called
    the newspaper there about this cross and was going
    to meet with the writer of the article the story.
    The church was praying for me….

    When I had arrived, the person, did not want to meet
    with me….I could not understand….I knew they were praying
    back home and I was puzzled…..I could not understand
    why this was happening…..Next we had to leave the
    Big Island… the next Island….I felt so down inside….
    I could not understand….

    Late one night, we were on this little trolly car, in the
    village of Lahina, and there was a couple seated behind
    me….Suddenly, this stranger shouted to me…You have
    got to see it??? I turned and said, “See What?” He
    then shouted it again. I said, “See What?” I had no idea
    what He was talking about….He then said, “You don’t
    know do you? Now I was really puzzled….I said, “Know what?”
    The Cross….The Spirit leaped within me…..The Cross
    I said….What Cross…..He said, “The Cross in the Sky.”
    I had said, ?????There’s a cross in the sky????

    He said,” Yes…..Now I was totally mystified as to what
    He was talking about, yet I knew it was God…..

    He said, Yes, It’s the Southern Cross……You see the
    sailors have been guided since the beginning of time
    by the North Star, North of the Equator, and in the
    South by the Southern Cross…..Why this is the first
    I had heard of this…..He said, “You must see it.”
    Look Up!

    With that, the Spirit, within me, spoke, “They can take
    the cross down off of the earth, But, they can’t take
    it out of the Sky!!!!”

    The Heavens declare His Glory!

    I knew it was God letting me know for sure….Yes, one
    night, in a trolley, in a small village, the answer to their
    prayers……Look Up! Look Up!

    Your redemption draweth nigh…..

    The Love of the Heavenly Father for us all.

    God Bless You and Yours
    Love, In Yeshua Jesus
    Praying Carol

  3. I posted a dream that I had of a cross many years ago(1999 or 2000 ). What I forgot to mention was that the once the cross appeared in the sky ( it literally formed from the bottom up) a cross on both sides also appeared. The main cross was much larger than the two. After reviewing the pictures you posted I had to repost to add this forgotten part of my dream and to also say it looked nothing like the ones pictured. The crosses in my dream were an incredibly bright gold and not glowing like you see in these pictures. They were a color of gold I have never seen on this earth, but literally “real”gold is as close to a description as I can get

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