Dream – Vaccines


clip_image001.jpgVaccines to remove the elderly


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~ by Marianne on March 23, 2016.

10 Responses to “Dream – Vaccines”

  1. I do not believe in the “flu shot”. In fact I never take it because the one time I did, years ago I got very sick with croup and have never taken it again. I also have never caught the flu. My entire office was just recently out for days with the flu with the exception of myself and two other people. The three of us all don’t take the flu shot and we are all in our late fifties. I know it may be necessary for some, but not for me!

  2. My father, otherwise very healthy and robust, became extremely ill following the flu vaccine. He was so ill, he said was afraid he was going to die. Thankfully he recovered.

  3. Pray for this honest researcher who is being hounded by the medical mafia

    “Dr. Judy Mikovits has found something new. She calls it “XMRV like Virus”. What does that mean? X stands for Xenotropic. That means man-made and living. M stands for Murine Leukemia Virus, as it is found in mice, both wild mice and laboratory mice, of the kind that are used to make human vaccines and perform virology experiments. R stands for Retrovirus which is the type of virus that HIV is. V stands for virus. Now, here’s the important thing in her description, “XMRV-like Virus.”

    Retroviruses mutate and change rapidly. Retroviruses invade the DNA of living cells, insert themselves into it, change it, and take over the controls of what the cell makes. They can also be latent and hide with cells for some time. What can wake up such a latent virus hiding in a white blood cell?

    Stimulation from a vaccination will do it! Other infectious antigens, like a viral infection would also stimulate white blood cells to multiply, and wake a latent virus. Could this explain Autism suddenly appearing in children after a vaccination? Dr. Judy estimates that up to 20 million “healthy” Americans have this latent XMRV like virus in their blood. That’s why the CDC is trying to shut her up.”

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/053390_CDC_harassment_virology_Dr_Judy_Mikovits.html#ixzz43lfK0nkO

  4. Oh wow I am suffering from stress related aging due to Jezebel and the Lord gave me dream about vaccines I saw five and I believe cleansing is needed in the land and I bought tea today and read Psalm 51

  5. I read with great interest Dr Judy Mikovits findings on vaccines .I myself had the flu vaccine and I am only just starting to slowly recover after having like croup,severe depression.Mind in torment.I think Dr Judy Mikovits is brilliant to alert us all to what’s going on.After all a famous billionaire said he could control the worlds population with vaccines.A slip of the tongue or is it for real.I believe its for real

  6. I find Dr Judys work fascinating. My only “questioning” comment is the one regarding autism. Millions of us were vaccinated in the 1960’s but didn’t have many cases of autism. Of course, vaccinations have changed since than. There are wide studies coming out about not needing to vaccinate you’re pets, and in fact not doing so increases their chances of living longer (with the exception of rabies shots). Very interesting work by Dr Judy. I feel horrible for her. She certainly had a lot to lose by going public with this information. She’s a brave soul and may Gid bless her.

    • Study rabies – one of vaccines greatest cons – Pasteur killed more dogs and humans with his “rabies” vaccine than ” rabies” ever did .
      People died of fear in a few cases of dog bites and by rabies in dust – dying by fear when a doctor prophecies a death sentence over you is a well
      known phenomenon.

      • I will have to read more about the rabies vaccine, too. I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you.

        • The testimony of the dog catchers says it all – thousands of dog bites no rabies . There is sepsis which can kill – caused when a wound or dog bite is not properly dealt with and bacteria get in there but not the mystery “rabies” bacteria or virus .

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