Sabbath Burden


clip_image002.jpgHow many of us violate this?


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~ by Marianne on April 18, 2016.

2 Responses to “Sabbath Burden”

  1. YAHVEH’s holy Sabbath was instituted on the 7th day of this creation to complete it. It was not made for Yahveh but for man, precisely so man could rest in Yahveh. Yeshua, having resurrected at the end of the Sabbath, declared Himself as Lord of the Sabbath. If you go to a bible search like Gateways and type Sabbath there will be hundreds of entries, about 70 of them from Yah reiterating it is HIS set apart (holy) day and expressing His displeasure at Israel for not guarding it. In Isa 66 we are told Yah’s Sabbath is an eternal day so, not only is it still valid today, which is why Yeshua and His disciples kept it even after His resurrection, but it transcends this earth and heaven’s time and space. It is our link beyond this time and space into Yahveh’s! The Sabbath, we are told in Scripture, is a sign of our connection with Yahveh, there is no other day. ROME instituted a different ‘sabbath’ and a different gospel, complete with a different christ (their cristus romanus). Despite their claims THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO CHANGE YAH’S STATUTES. Yah’s word is fixed in eternity and will not go back to Him void; what He said is. When He spoke the 4th commandment He meant it. Man has no right to change it with some lame excuse like “it’s what is in our hearts that counts” because He made it clear, not just once but over 70 times that He means business about HIS set apart day and that goes for the grafted-in Gentile (who is mostly Israel anyhow) and doubly for the Jew.
    There is NO EXCUSE for man not to keep Yahveh’s HOLY blessed day!

    From Avram Yehoshua:

    “The God of Israel is calling us to correct that. The Apostle John, 60 years after the resurrection, wrote, “He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.” (1st John 2:6 NKJV; cf. Dt. 4:5-8; Psalm 119:142, 151, 160; Isaiah 2:3; 66:22-23; Jer. 31:31-34; Ezk. 11:19-20; 36:25-27; 43:7-9, 18-20, 25-27; 44:2-5, 23-24; 45:16, 21-22; Zech. 14:10-20; Mt. 5:18-19; 22:35-40; Acts 21:20-21; 22:12; 25:7-8; 26:19-23; 28:17-23; Rom. 3:20, 31; 7:12, 14; 8:7; Heb. 4:9; 8:10; James 2:9; 4:11-12; 1st Jn. 3:4; 5:2-3; Rev. 12:17; 14:12) See The Feasts of Israel as Time Markers After the Resurrection at

    “And I heard another voice from Heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, My people! Lest you share in her sins and receive of her plagues!’” (Rev. 18:4) The ‘her’ is the Roman Catholic Church (Rev. 17:9; 19:2) and all her Protestant daughter churches who have drunk from the same foul waters as her, for they all cause the Jewish people to stumble, with their anti-Mosaic Law theology and their pagan practice of illicit SEX (Sunday, Easter and Xmas) and the eating of pig, etc. In their ‘Christianity,’ the Jewish Savior is hidden from His own Jewish people (Lk. 1:30-33; Rom. 11:25-29; Rev. 22:16).

    See the one page article on why the Catholic Church is not a Christian church: What’s Wrong with the Catholic Church? at For the myriad of their heretical problems, read Alexander Hislop’s classic, The Two Babylons at

    Yeshua rebuked Satan’s temptation, to change the rocks into bread, saying to him: “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Dt. 8:3; Mt. 4:4; Lk. 4:4).

    When did that change? ‘Every word’ certainly includes all the rules, statutes and laws of Moses because they were first given to Moses and Israel verbally; then they were written down. Did it change with the crucifixion or with Paul? No. It changed with the Roman Catholic Church and their perverse interpretations of some of Paul’s phrases (e.g. ‘you are not under the Law;’ Gal. 5:18; see No Longer Under the Law? at By 120 AD, due to the Roman Empire’s persecution of Jews, the Bishop of Rome didn’t want to be persecuted with Jewish believers nor ‘Jewish things’ (i.e. Mosaic Law), for all of Christianity then kept Sabbath and Feasts, etc., so he threw out Mosaic Law and replaced it with pagan holy days and ways, and stripped believers of their biblical heritage.

    We’re not to bend God’s Word to our lives, but to bend our lives to God’s Word.”

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