Prayer for Breaking Curses

breaking-chainsFor those fighting curses


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~ by Marianne on April 27, 2016.

9 Responses to “Prayer for Breaking Curses”

  1. Please remember me in this prayer warfare I am going through a lots from spiritual marriage and ancestral curses

  2. There are no more generational curses, now that Jesus Christ came and died and set us free.

  3. I need a prayer to remove any curse that has been put on me. I also have visions & dreams of all who have something against me also I be knowing who’s against me in secret. I just want my life back I have server panics. Ready to be healed.

    • keeyah

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and against curses.

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  4. Please agree in prayer with me for my 2 sons and their father who I believe are being attacked, my husband used to date a witch and had a son by her but never met this son. My 17 year old is getting into the homosexual life style and the other is so addicted to drugs, my husband and I have had major problems our whole marriage and I believe it stems from witchcraft. We have went to church our whole lives and I am praying for deliverance and protection. I also had to work with a witch and praying against this. I am praying your prayer several times a day.

    • sherrypa

      that is a heavy burden to bear. you have a real fight on your hands

      you need to get your 17 year old and sit him down and explain right vs wrong to him. homosexuality is a sin, no matter what society says

      the other I hope you can get him into therapy and detox

      you and your husband need to pray together for your marriage and children

      and against all this witchcraft

      I am sending you a packet of prayers

      say daily

      remember the blood of jesus can deliver us from anything

      I will agree with you in prayer.

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