Light Has No Shadow


clip_image002_thumb.jpgThink about it!


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~ by Marianne on June 7, 2016.

6 Responses to “Light Has No Shadow”

  1. What does light and time have in common? One of these is created but the other is eternally constant. This is much deeper than anyone can imagine.

  2. Nothing, ever, happens for a REASON …

    • Everything happens for a reason.

      • prove it. prove definitively with HARD EVIDENCE that there is a guiding hand, a reason that little kids continue to get raped DAILY in America, let alone the wider world. If “gawd” tells you it’s part of a plan, It is a pretty sick being.

        • SteelGeneral

          God protects those that belong to him, and call upon him for help.

          most people do not do that….

          and most people do not belong to God….they ignore him, so they and their children suffer

          God has provided a way of deliverance thought jesus, that whoever calls upon his name will be saved.

          most people do not care about jesus either

          and most people vote in godless leaders who do not care about child rape or abortion…

          so people get what they choose

          and yes, children suffer because of godless devils that run loose

  3. Not surprising really, because in order for a shadow to appear there needs to be an absence of light due to the existence of a (non-luminous) object between the source and the surface that is being blocked by the presence of that object. In the picture above, the match has nothing between it and the wall to hinder the light rays that are emanating from the flame.

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