Sarah Hoffman Prophecy – 1979



clip_image002.jpgSarah Hoffman committed suicide in 1979, and was told she had to come back and finish her earth life, but first she was shown the end of the world.


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~ by Marianne on September 10, 2016.

7 Responses to “Sarah Hoffman Prophecy – 1979”

  1. When I was coming to the lord thru Dreams Visions etc- one Vision I had for 6 mo was of Land Cracking apart-people running & Fleeing-DEstruction
    It looked liked the Destruction of the Earth
    Then when I 1st started reading te Bible- it opened to the Verses in Bk of REV- where it describes an Earthquake & People running for their Lives etc=exactly what I had seen in the Visions
    The Day of the Lord is upon us
    We Ministers of the Lord-( the Lord told me need to repent because the New Wine is Dried up & The Harvest is withered!)!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Your last sentence jarred me. About 6 months ago I was ‘praying’ and I was impressed that if the Lord returned for His harvest today, it would be dying… withered, and shriveled from lack of refreshing and overwhelmed and discouraged by the secular and moral decay in the world (at least that’s how I was feeling). I then prayed that the Lord would please send a refreshment of the Holy Spirit – a revival – to awaken, renew, refresh His people, for the sake of HIs Harvest and for the sake of His Great Name. So my point is just to confirm your word and say I believe my Lord desires this same refreshment for us and will accomplish His great purpose…Including His Harvest. We need to keep awake, keep praying, and keep believing in spite of what horrors are going on around us.

  2. You have a link of a prophecy by Sarah Menet in 1979. Is sarah menet the same as Sarah Hoffman? (married name?) Because the prophecies read exactly the same, word for word. Just wondering.

  3. AMEN
    His desire is that NONE should perish & ALL come to repentance= the Mystery is that He is the ONE who sends the Spirit of repentance
    Something to think about!!!!!!!!!

  4. […] большую известность гражданка по имени Сара Хофман (Sarah Hoffman). Ранее, в 1979-м году эта женщина перенесла клиническую […]

  5. […] большую известность гражданка по имени Сара Хофман (Sarah Hoffman). Ранее, в 1979-м году эта женщина перенесла клиническую […]

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