World’s Greatest Sin


image.pngWhen humanity has gone this far, it is not worth saving.


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~ by Marianne on December 28, 2016.

11 Responses to “World’s Greatest Sin”

  1. What we do like this to our best hope so do we to the Hily Spirit. So also do we to this earth. Water is almost gone in India two of eight resivours in the Us are completely empty and we kill our greatest gifts such as snow leopards, elephants, even small species because some define their manhood by killing off species.

    I have and continue to praise God we have lived this long with no self control.

    I have and continue to ask God, please forgive us, I offer my spirit to you oh Lord that use what spirit you have blessed me with that I for one offer my spirit up to you that my spirit be allowed to spend as long as it takes to put back what we have seized from this Earth. Let us be able to put back everything abused, inclu

  2. Let us be be REAL and HONEST. it is NOT humanity that is responsible for these atrocities towards children. It is MAN and and MAN alone. Man is creating his own hell, and expecting women and children to follow him there. Man’s first SIN is creating the “devil”, which is simply Mans’s own destructive nature which he REFUSES to accept responsibility for, saying the “devil” made him do it. How insidious is man and his cunning to avoid all responsibility for his actions. MAN is NOT worth saving, but the rest of humanity IS.

  3. Jesus died for the sins of all mankind…that is the truth of the gospel. These sins are included, as hard as that is to understand, for those who repent and trust in the Lord. There is only one unforgivable, unpardonable sin, according to the Word, and that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

    With that said, this post was extremely difficult to read (as I’m sure it was heartbreaking to write, Marianne). Please pray for the souls of those who are involved in all aspects of these horrors, because some of those involved will repent and will receive forgiveness. Those are the ‘lost sheep’ the Lord is delaying the coming of His Kingdom for.

    While I am not sure the “Rudy” letter is legitimate, I DO believe it’s topic is true and the truth is desperately being buried under the guise of ‘fake news’ I pray God will uncover it all in a way that cannot be silenced (like Wi ki was)
    Come, Lord, with Your Truth! with Your Mercy! with Your Grace! with Your Forgiveness! with Your Salvation!

  4. Pedophilia 🙄

  5. I am praying and crying out.thanks my sister for posting this Annie

    • A picture is worth a thousand words. By the grace of God there go I. That is how we love each other. God is loving and has a deep place of loving. Yes we are hoping for that all consuming forgiveness. But what does our hearts say? If in that picture were “I” or each of us. How would that sound. Well yes but God forgives us. Are you so sure. Within each of us is our God’s program waiting for each of us to use his “App” what if He said about you “yeah but even though we are purposefully to care about others as though they were us, in your case I will rely on forgiveness. Please think and feel this through. No God or parent or one who serves agencies as I have in disasters says “no I won’t save you because I will be forgiven for my selfishness I say to you then you need to remember his or her face because maybe it was you that was left behind. Christ said as he died…it is done”,,, did that include you? Her? Your daughter, gay son or just someone a step closer to your exit. You had better believe you are forgiven cause the rest would hunt you down

  6. Lets All Pray for the Good of the World . PEACE SHOULD PREVAIL in 2017.

  7. What exactly is world’s greatest sin?
    I thought every sin was equal.

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