EMP Watch Alert


febcme_sohoc2_bigThis is a confirmation of what I was told early this morning.


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~ by Marianne on January 12, 2017.

2 Responses to “EMP Watch Alert”

  1. YES- Everyone is feeling it
    The Sonar Attacks on me have increased because I’m now known on Island for standing up for sound Doctrine & NOT being in FEAR= One Bus Driver-said I was a Tough Cookie-(Now even the Police know about these Bizarre Attacks- esp when my Arm got fractured)
    More & More this season acknowledged the TRUTH of Sound Doctrine * Finally included Chanukah & Bk of John
    Before anything JEWISH was looked down on or they pretended they knew nothing about t?
    3 Believers at Hospital let me know Secretly they were part of the Tribe
    Satan knows that he has little time left & He’s been attacking right & Left
    It has been exactly 18 yrs for me since Rosh 1999-when the Lord told me to look up- that He was Coming Soon
    WE ALL need to be REPENTING & Praying that G-d spare His People Israel from Destruction & THe Church needs to repent of their LOVE waxing Cold- NOT taking Care of Women Laborers in HIM & Greed/Worldliness


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