Calling on the NAME of the Lord



So, which name did they use?


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~ by Marianne on February 2, 2017.

13 Responses to “Calling on the NAME of the Lord”

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  2. Wow I’ve never seen this before, thanks and have a great day

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  3. We know it wasnt the name (Hashem) as that is a fairly new rabbinical addition, same as the kippa. There are of course other titles like Rapha, El Gibbor, etc. I read a good article written by Avram Yehoshua that touches on this subject

  4. adonai IS his vAME fOREVER- HE ONLY g-D A ND sAVIOR & hIS son yAHSHUA

    • ahava

      I think G_D know what we mean when we pray…if we are thinking of Him he knows this.

      I got your mail also with the information. thank you

  5. turns out tht many in the Bldg had attacks * moved out-some got sick or died-called S:OW MURDER
    this MUST be stopped!!!!

  6. So, was Jesus called Jesus, or known as other names in that period, this is fascinating! Mike

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    • m

      jesus told them, before abraham was, ” I AM..” according to greek translation….like I said here , that was actually “I shall be” in hebrew,

      or maybe he actually said the name yahweh…which is why the crowd got angry….they were not allowed to say the name, which is why they called God “Hashem (the name)”

      • I seriously did not know that. And thank you for the psalms reassign for protection. Do you agree I should pray for the blood of Christ for protection, or would you say it is already included in our accepting Christ. I’m not sure how to interpretation that and don’t want to practice anything not accurate. Thanks

  7. All of them can be used because they’re not names but post excercised by one person, therefore none of them is a name. Is like president comes in office when he visit military he is commended in chief, when he comes to the civilian he is the president when he is something else he is something else see different posts with their names but one person.

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