Huge Population Drop Predicted for America



According to this graph, America’s population is going to drop from 320 million to 61 million in the next 8 years.


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~ by Marianne on February 19, 2017.

6 Responses to “Huge Population Drop Predicted for America”

  1. Please pray for the blacks they are the ones who are really in trouble.God has reveAled it about 9 years ago they going extinked, sorry for the spelling

    • olivia

      do you mean in the USA they are going extinct? that might be possible as the abortion industry targets blacks. world wide however, they have a better chance of a future. if the great tribulation comes as people think, we all will go extinct. what did god say about the blacks? they have my prayers.

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  3. I heard that on the news by a professor that there is going to be a huge drop in population in Australia too coming the in the next few years. I think it is caused by the ageing population and the amount of young people committing suicide, taking drugs, having tattoos (lead poisoning in in the ink) alcohol and obesity.

    Our bodies are the temple of the holy spirit and we should look after our bodies. Young people today in general (not all) look middle aged before they are middle aged especially twenty year olds. Also, people in their fifties and sixties (not all) look like they are in their late seventies or early eighties.

    The way you look after yourself when you are young comes out when you get older.

    • lynnette

      i hate to hear of such a poor prediction for the future…we must stay close to god, and trust in him even more

      • Yes we must stay close to God and do the right things or we will suffer the consequences. There must be something going on to predict this downturn in population in America and Australia – there must be statistical evidence in the Governments in both countries.

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