Famine in the Land



Not of food, but of the Word of God.


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~ by Marianne on February 26, 2017.

4 Responses to “Famine in the Land”


    • vajk

      I am willing, and I know god is willing, but I have neither the political, financial, or power connections to do so. I try to support those who have a better chance of being successful.

  2. Hey Marian I contacted u several months ago about the possibility of my dad being possessed. I have a terrible update. As I told u me and my younger son live in garage apt bout 200 ft from parents house. My dad gets worse every day for example just yesterday I showed my parents how swollen and distended my belly is I look like I’m 8 months pregnant due to my lymph nodes enlarging in my belly oh by the way I’m pretty sick and have been for a year or so, lupus, other autoimmune disorders. I was over at parents house yesterday and feeling pretty sick and I said to parents if these Drs don’t help me I feel like I’m gonna die, my dad said to me well maybe u should just go on and die. I couldn’t believe what he said to me it was so hurtful, those words cut deep. But something terrible happened before this, my older son was living in the basement apartment of parents house he is 36 and 2 weeks ago he came to our door bout 1130 at night he came into the garage apt where me and my younger son lives for no reason at all he pulled out a 9mm gun loaded with hollow point bullets, which cause a very nasty exit wound any way he pulled the gun out hitting my younger son in the mouth, he intended to kill us he fired the first shot at me, he missed me by 2″ my younger son grabbed the arm he had the gun in and the one that was shooting shot my younger son in the upper part of his leg and then he shot my younger son again in the same leg finally my younger son forced the gun to turn on the one that was shooting at us took the gun away from him and told him to leave or my younger son would shoot him and the one that shot at us threw his hands up and walked off in defeat of course by that time the cops were here and the ambulance as i had managed to call 911. They arrested my older son and took younger son to hospital. All this happened in about 6 minutes. So this was not normal behaviour of my oldest son we all love each other so now im concerned that there is definitely something bad in my parents house and i think he was affected by something evil. He had planned to go back over to parents and shoot them too. Needless to say he is in jail will no bond. I attached a couple of photos. Im so stressed and my dad is doing everything to try to help my older son any way he can to try to get him out of jail after he tried to kill us i cannot believe that my dad would try to help him at all after he try to kill us I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO do this is the bullet hole in my stove that missed me im not sending a photo of my sons gunshot leg because it is very graphic. Blessing Alicia

    • alicia

      what you have gone through is beyond horrible.

      I cannot recall if I have asked this before, but can you move away from there?

      for the short term, if not long term, depending on court ruling, your oldest son is away from your dad. so hopefully, he will “snap out of it” and be loosened from any influence your dad has on him

      while he is in jail, this would be a good time to visit and ask him what is wrong with him, or ask about anything your dad has said or done to him.

      at court, request once any jail term or psychiatric treatment is over, if they would ban him from staying around your dad….

      you do not have to get into spiritual explanations, since judges are usually secular and would think you are crazy.

      just say you dad may have had a negative influence on your son, because he has had mental issues himself. you can say your dad, at times, presents a danger to himself and others, and has made many threats of harm

      the court may consider doing an evaluation on your dad.

      so the strategy here is “divide and conquer.”

      keep praying that the Lord will use this situation to wake up your sons to the evil, and to create an opportunity to get your dad alone, and maybe out of the house for treatment himself.

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