Healthy Eyes


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~ by Marianne on March 15, 2017.

3 Responses to “Healthy Eyes”

  1. Walking strong through spiritual attacks (That’s a WorldPress) blog I’m starting (although after keying it through my iPhone as I do all of these, it still reverted even my corrections back to some misspelled words. I will work on that. To show you I am one of your “fruits of your labor I wanted to invite you to check it out. I’m knowing next to nothing on how to use it. Boy, I think the evil one is hissy fitting, cause even now I’m being stung and not. All in a days faith.


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  2. Sorry, I keyed the word “and BIT”

    You know the evil weapons do include Darts, pins and needles, as well as a jigger dart these all stab you in your legs and ankles. They hurt but I always tell God, I’m sorry for taking so long trusting in you, the truth be told, I’m rather,,,, bored with them. I thought that they would be something a little, more. (Just joking with God, cause they do hurt.

    Anyway, I’m sharing what I’ve been going through. But you want to know what has been blowing me away??? Just between you and I. I’ve been getting this strange answer as to “God, why do I need to continue being somewhat tormented? Here is what I got (thinking I was silly…” you believe stronger because I permit some of it.”Um ok,, “it is enough that I give you my influences, that I reward you because if your incredible standing, always walking out in faith, always being returned by me to peace, and raise your knowledge and understanding by revelation. I understand your reading difficulties. Even in that I allow some of it because I am the Lord thy God. Michael you please me, but your focus is needing my stability. You honor me by asking me to take these things off of you, but you also bless me by including, but if my going through this will save many then, painfull or not my spiritual stand over rides my fleshy wants. If it saves one person then through them it will save many. And you have continued to praise me even during direct attacked by the evil one. You stood up directly against him and his witchcraft and demon worshippers even when ur was 100 to one against you. Your focus will be the key to a realm you can’t understand but will as you follow my revelations to you.

    Then the next three days of reading His Word, watching Joyce Meyers, exactly these expressions from God were confirmed. Three times, why three?? So I walk daily, praising Him while walking through being stung by evil bees (as I describe them),

    On every Word spoken by Joyce Meyers, or chapters I read, or sited of bible study I read slowly through online, they end with. I am the Lord thy God, it is sufficient that I allow some attacks because you please me through them. Your faith is true, your loyalty intact, and you are removing massive spiritual mountains. Because,,,I your Lord and Savior will restore faith, on broken spiritual hearts,, some of those offending your human soul will come to know me because of your continual asking for protection and hope for them even while demons are trying to destroy you. Satan is really frightened of your potential. Michael you have Christ’s potential and you show it. Your difficulties are true pain but with pain comes blessings. You are willing to go through pain because you asked do not let anything see I’m being protected until this is all done. You are glorifying me. So my purpose if all that is right, is to walk others through this as you are doing. They are not the least, they are called and called to help others as you are doing.

    Again I just wanted you to know my process of learning and living through the new knowledge.

    Michael Sent from my iPhone


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